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    DIYC J 24 Midwinters

    Just wanted to capitalize on some of the traffic from Key West, and announce the upcoming J24 Midwinter Championship Regatta being held at Davis Island Yacht Club in Tampa Fl on Feb. 22-25th. The event is being brought to you by Mauri Pro-Sailing, one SA's sponsors. The one-design world...
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    Bottom Jobs

    Does anyone know of a guy named "Rick Appelan"? I could have misspelled the name. I hear he does bottom jobs, and I would like to know the quality of his work. thanks, kat
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    Gross Tonnage Rules?

    A friend of mine, while doing the return trip from Antigua, had an interesting run-in with a cruise ship while at anchor. Started me thinking, what kind of license does one need to pilot a...
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    St. Pete Noods-Who's coming?

    Semper Fi, Tampa Bay BOTY winner-J29, is looking for competition. As it stands, we only have five committed boats, and we would love to have a class. All we need is one more boat. Come on guys; doesn't warm water, cold cocktails, and scantily clad women entice you anymore. Get you butts to...
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    DIYC Eggmont Key Race

    Just wondering how many boats/crew doing the EKR this weekend.