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  1. abktoo

    Viper 640 Youth Sailing

    Hey I was wondering if the Viper would be a good boat to introduce kids to sailing? Are they durable enough to be used in a club setting? Would they be too powerful or loaded up for kids over 10? Are they comfortable with 3-4 kids with an instructor on board? Thanks for you input.
  2. abktoo

    Sticky Sprint

    My friend is having an issue deploying the retractable carbon sprit on his boat. It's sticking. He's afraid to use McLube because he thinks it might have an adverse effect on the clearcoat on the pole. Any suggestions for getting it to run out smoother? It goes in fine, just doesn't go out very...
  3. abktoo

    Banque Populaire in NYC

    Hey, Has anyone found out where BP is tied up??
  4. abktoo

    Vancouver Sailing

    I might move to Vancouver for the summer and am interested in getting a job within the industry. As a college student majoring in mechanical Engineering, I want to do something to compliment that with my love of sailing. I was thinking about sail lofts, of which there is a north and quantum loft...
  5. abktoo

    Barefoot Zhick Boots

    anybody have experience with these?
  6. abktoo

    Bibs v. Pants for Inshore

    Hey Guys, I'm looking to buy a cheap pair of bottoms for mainly inshore use, with only a couple short distance offshore races for the summers on the east coast. Is it worth the extra cash to buy a cheap pair of bibs compared to pants of greater quality but the same price?
  7. abktoo

    Getting into Solo racing in US

    Can anyone give advice to a young 20 year old college student on the best (inexpensive) way to get into racing solo and moving into the mini class? Cheers Kinky
  8. abktoo

    Printing on Rashguards

    For a business project for school, my friends on the sailing team and I are going to start up a rashguard\sailing gear company. I was wondering if anyone has any experience in the field and could help us find what machines to use, etc. Any help would be great.
  9. abktoo

    Statue of Liberty Race

    There is an excellent month of cat sailing on and around Long island coming up. The first of july features the Statue of Liberty race out of Sandy Hook, NJ. This race is a classic in its own right.I would like to invite who ever is doing the liberty race to make the trek out to eastern long...
  10. abktoo

    quest 30

    The owner of the boat i sai on just went up to look at a quest 30 in hyannis today. what do you guys think of the design\the boat? We'd mostly be doing some small distance racing like offsoundings and the newport bermuda next summer.
  11. abktoo

    Long Island Catamarn Sailing Association

    The Long Island Catamaran Sailors Association (LICSA) will be holding a four-race series (cruisers are invited!) at Orient Beach State Park located on the eastern tip of Long Island’s North Fork and convenient to the New London-Orient ferry. The two-day events are scheduled for June 16-17, July...
  12. abktoo


    i got into university of southern california. Im from the east coast, can anyone give me so info on the sailing scene around the school, any advice on usc\surrouding area, where to go what to avoid..... thanks
  13. abktoo

    Wind in Jensen Beach, FLA?

    Whats the wind like in february? Any charts or anything i could get at? Anyone have any depth charts? Thanks
  14. abktoo

    A Class Cat Race

    Anyone following the big race at all? Ashby isnt racing, as he is competeing in tornadoes in miami. Was this done on purpose? mad props to lars guck though.
  15. abktoo

    Workout Anarchy

    Got a bench and free weights for christmas. What are the best exercises for sailing?
  16. abktoo

    LS 32 v. R33 v. Seacart

    Okay, the front page had me wondering today. If you had the money, would you buy the Lightspeed, the reynolds, or the seacart.... and why. My vote is for the lightspeed. Seems more comfy than the seacart. The reynolds has the whole flipping thing going on. I think the lightspeed is better...
  17. abktoo

    Headsail Work

    What are the positives and negatives of a continuous line furling system?
  18. abktoo

    LA Sailing Scene

    Hey, I'm looking to attend USC next year, if i get in that is. If not im looking at santa barbara and san diego. I am from the east coast so i have no idea what the sailing scene is like out in LA. If i go to school at USC would there be opportunities to crew on various types of boats? Also...
  19. abktoo

    Tacking a Hinckley 41 Fast

    I sail on a pimped out Hinckley 41 yawl. It has a custom carbon stick thats 6 foot higher than the original, a pole and an A sail. What's the fastest way to tack the headsail? We sailed a really light wind regatta and backwinded the 150. Is this always fast? I heard something about playing the...
  20. abktoo


    Whats the best book to buy to learn how to navigate?

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