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    Derelict Raider Sport

    Some time ago there was a comment on a thread about an old Raider Sport in bad shape that somebody wanted to unload. I need a project and have lots of 'spare parts' that need to be used. Is that nearly original Raider still in a back yard somewhere" Dave Ellis
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    Melges 14 andAero Portsmouth

    September 21-22 there is the bragging rights regatta among the nine sailing clubs along the Tennessee River, SE USA. We have both Aeros and Melges 14s registered. Neither one has an official Portsmouth number. West Coast Sailing guys report that the Aero 9 is now rated at 84.5 and the 7 rig at...
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    Local Media

    Our north Alabama county has a glossy magazine that covers people and events. We have quite a bit of sailing activity on Lake Guntersville, the largest of the Tennessee Valley Authority lakes. So, I arranged for the editor and a photographer to come out with me on the RC boat for a regional...
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    Mug Race handicaping

    The annual Mug Race down Florida's St. Johns River is May 4.  We have the usual task of assigning a Portsmouth Handicap to boats that don't race around buoys, but like this 40 mile jaunt.  Anyone have an idea for the Portsmouth for a Core Sound 17 Mk 3? How about an Argonauta 27 trimaran...
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    Mug Race handicaping

    The annual Mug Race is May 4 and there is the usual problem of a Portsmouth Handicap for boats that don't race around buoys, but like this 40 mile jaunt down the St. Johns River in Florida. Anyone have any idea of a Portsmouth for a Core Sound 17 Mk 3? How about an Argonauta 27, a Dick Newick...
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    UK Portsmouth to US Portsmouth convert

    Anyone have a formula to convert the UK Portsmouth numbers to US Portsmouth Handicap Formula numbers  Aero changed, faster, in UK. Need to adjust here.  Dave Ellis
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    Sailing World mag

    Yachting was all, well, yachts. Last One-of-a-Kind regatta was 1985. SAIL was pretty pictures, mostly keel boats. But One Design Yachtsman, and subsequent names, was for us dinghy racers. In 1967 I was on the reception desk in a Brooklyn Heights building with a view of lower Manhattan. Across...
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    Need a West Coast to SE Delivery?

    I'm delivering dinghies to the San Francisco area and will be going back to Florida starting around April 10. Anyone need a non-keel-up-in-the-air boat or gear from there to Florida or points between? Also, another trip to Seattle returning around the first week in June, same return...
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    Dinghy or Gear

    I am delivering dinghies to Park City, UT and San Francisco and will be going back to Florida empty. Anyone need a small boat or gear delivered anywhere along the way? April 9 on the West Coast. Also another trip in early June to Seattle and back empty. Just PM me if you have a need. Dave...
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    Elephant Butte, New Mexico

    After delivering dinghies to Park City, Utah and Seattle, Washington I had to take a southern route back to Florida because of a snow storm on the shorter route.​ While driving on Interstate 40 east of Flagstaff, Arizona I passed a truck transporting a keelboat. Pinched stern area, so probably...
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    Need a dinghy to/from California?

    It is time to go pick up the big Flying Dutchman trailer in San Diego and bring it east again. I'll have an empty trailer hitch and truck roof available from Tampa Bay, Florida starting around April 6. Anyone need a dinghy to go west part or all the way? Then I'll have roof room only from San...
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    Delivery available CA to FL

    I am delivering a fleet of five Flying Dutchman dinghies to Santa Cruz, California for their Nationals. They then head for Australia for the FD Worlds. Tuesday, September 23 is the delivery date to SCYC. Then I'm headed back to Florida. Anyone need a dinghy, spar, gear moved from California...
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    I'm headed from the Tampa Bay area, Florida to San Diego and then northern California. The roof of the Toyota Tundra will be loaded with a Trinka yacht dingny on the way west. But the trailer hitch is empty and on the way back the roof is also available. Leaving around May 17, starting back...
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    FD NA RC Help

    The Flying Dutchman North Americans are going to be held out of the St. Pete Sailing Center, Florida Aprl 25-27. It seems that there are other events going on at the same time around Tampa Bay and I find myself short of help. Anyone want to help raise flags with me or ride around in a RIB...
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    Flying Dutchman Nationals

    The fleet was small, due to scheduling conflicts, but the quality high for the Flying Dutchman Nationals November 1 - 3. Gulfport Yacht Club near Tampa Bay, Florida is primarily a performance multihull club, so it was no stretch to host these performance craft. Three days of racing included...
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    Flying Dutchman and Contender Midwinters

    The Flying Dutchman and Contenders have combined their Midwinters this year. Little Gulfport Yacht Club, a mostly performance catamaran club, is the venue. It is on a bay close to the Gulf of Mexico, the other side of the Saint Petersburg peninsula from Tampa Bay. I'm the PRO, using North...
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    CA to FL delivery available

    I am delivering two yacht dinghies from Florida to California the early part of January. The return trip my Toyota Tundra is available to pull a trailer and/or roof rack. Anybody need a boat delivered to Florida or anywhere along I-10? I'm not a commercial carrier, just a sailor. So the cost...
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    Contender World Championship

    The Contender Worlds comes to Florida this year, organized and run by Saint Petersburg Yacht Club. Sailing will be off the Gulf beaches at the Tradewinds Resort hotels. Nice fine Florida sand. But a chance for surf to make launching interesting. Racing starts Tuesday, April 24 and ends Saturday...
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    Pro Gip non skid

    I posted this on Dinghy Anarchy. But perhaps more knowlegable sailors and fewer kids-who-post are here! My International Contender has a really slick varnished deck, so to make it possible to use the trapeze without ending up under the boom I bought and applied Pro-Gip on the deck and cockpit...
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    Pro Gip non skid

    My International Contender has a really slick varnished deck, so to make it possible to use the trapeze without ending up under the boom I bought and applied Pro-Gip on the deck and cockpit areas where appropriate. Worked really welll and still looks good after a year of use. However, it is...