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  1. NyJboat

    Six Guys and A Jeep

    Pretty cool, these soldiers break down and rebuild a Jeep in less than 4 min. Think about what they could do working for a chop shop. Six Guys And A Jeep
  2. NyJboat

    Time Holes In Photography

    Saw this through a friend of mine. Guy stands at the same point as historical photos from WW II and then mates them up in interesting ways. Worth a look, amazing that so much of the infrastructure still survives considering how much damage it took. Linkey
  3. NyJboat

    Larchmont Race Week

    Less than 2 weeks away and there is only a TOTAL of 7 boats signed up??? Whats going on here? 1 V15, 2 PHRF boats, 1 classic, and 3 J105s. Is there a delay in the registration system? Where are the IODs, Sheilds, etc? Or is that no one wants to sit and bake in WLIS in July with no wind.
  4. NyJboat

    Nexus NXR Reset

    Is there an easy way to get NXR displays back to their factory settings? I was trying to get the depth to read in feet not meters and messed something up that I cant seem to fix. Tried re-initializing it but that didnt work. Also has anyone seen a manual for the latest FDX software? I know...
  5. NyJboat

    Musto LPX

    I need a new jacket for inshore buoy races and have been looking around for whats the best for dry vs. cost. I would love the Musto MPX race jacket to go with my MPX salopettes but at $470 is alot of money. Ive had mixed experience with Henri-Lloyd's mid range stuff, my older TP2/1 stuff had a...
  6. NyJboat

    Harken Winch Breakdown

    So I'm helping out a friend and cleaning the winches on his Bavaria 40. They are all Harken 2 speed size 40 self tailers and I cant figure out how to get the second gear/pawl set off of the base. On the Lewmar winches you pull both pins and the gears pull out of the side of the base. With these...
  7. NyJboat

    Execution Rocks Lighthouse

    I dont watch these kind of shows but because anyone whos lived on Western LIS has probably passed by the lighthouse hundreds of times it should be interesting. Travel Channel - Ghost Adventures Airs Dec 18th at 9PM. On a side note - There is a guy trying to refurbish the lighthouse and turn...
  8. NyJboat

    Steam Radiators & Programable Thermostats

    So I moved into a new (to me) house that has cast iron raditors mounted in the walls and a boiler in the basment. Ive always had forced air and when you adjust the thermostat the house changes temp fairly quickly. This system takes a long time to heat up and then overruns the temp set because by...
  9. NyJboat

    More Chuck Norris Fun

    Go to google and type in "Where is Chuck Norris" and then click Im Feeling Lucky.
  10. NyJboat

    Kings Point Gets All The Cool Toys

    Was checking out their blog and saw they got a totally refit 1929 100' Alden Schooner. Also got this this interesting cruiser/racer euro looking thing. Damm I wish I could...
  11. NyJboat

    IOD Main Trim

    So I got invited to go and sail in the Bermuda Gold Cup next week which is sailed in IOD's. I will be triming main and I have never sailed one before although we are practicing on thurs and fri afternoon to get some time in the boat. The closest thing I can think that I have been on is a...
  12. NyJboat

    Some of these e-mails are great when you need a pick me up at work, I thought this was the best one: No Pets in Apartment Clause From: David Thorne Date: Thursday 21 May 2009 10.16am To: Helen Bailey Subject: Pets in the building   Dear Helen,   Thankyou for your letter concerning pets in my...
  13. NyJboat

    Can 1 Series Collision

    Anyone out there last night? We were doing our own Thursday series in Manhasset Bay and heard the RC girl calling on the radio that they were hit and taking on water. So whats the scoop?
  14. NyJboat

    Man Crashes Through Police Station

    Witchita Police Video A MAN who smashed his car through the glass doors of a city hall and drove through the building before crashing into a wall, has been jailed. Marcus Johnson, 33, faces 122 months in prison after crashing, Blues Brothers-style, through City Hall in Wichita, Kansas in...
  15. NyJboat

    Brewers Pilots Point Marina in Essex

    So I am delivering a boat up there next Thurs to have some work done. Never been there before, is there any tips to geting in? Boat draws 8'2'". Looking at the chart you can go east or west of Duck Island to get to the chanel. Im coming from the west, whats the favored way to go? Thanks in...
  16. NyJboat

    New Government Encroachment into Yacht Racing

    As most of you are aware, the O administration is taking unprecedented steps into the private sector. Along these lines I was recently contacted by an aid to Little Timmy G, the Treasury Secretary. Apparently the long arm of the government is also probing into the sport of yacht racing. Going...
  17. NyJboat

    Best Cubicle Prank Ever

  18. NyJboat

    St. Thomas Hotels

    Hi All, Im trying to do Rolex regatta at St. Thomas and am having a tough time finding a room at an affordable rate. Any of you have any ideas that are on the east side of the island. Everything ive seen is +/- 300 a night. Cant afford that.
  19. NyJboat

    Michael Phelps Busted

    Fox Sports - Phelps Gotta wonder what this is going to do for his endorsements. Also good to know that you can smoke weed and still win 8 medals, theres hope for me yet.
  20. NyJboat

    VOR Game

    Is anyone else having problems logging in? Everyone at my office cant check their boats. Its amazing how shitty the quality of their servers are. Considering that about half the 110+/- boats arent even being sailed mabey its time to eliminate them. This has to suck for anyone tacking up the...

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