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  1. Fasterdamnit!

    West coast trimaran docs from '66, '68 and '70. Brown pamphlets and study plans, Trimaran design Center 1970 catalogue, Cross stuff

    I was going thru my father's files and found  two manila envelopes postmarked 1966 and 1968. I was born in '65. Both envelopes were from Jim Brown Trimarans, Santa Cruz CA. At the time we lived on Lake Murray in SC and he sailed primarily E-scows on the lake in races all over the southeast. He...
  2. Fasterdamnit!

    Help find parts for Fireball boom repair- Proctor spars

    Howdy! I picked up a Fireball mast and boom locally and need the following bits for the boom: Sliding gooseneck- the hole in the boom is square so I assume the pin on the gooseneck will be the same.. Outhaul turning block. I checked the current spares on the proctor site and they do not...
  3. Fasterdamnit!

    Prindle 19, Everglades Challenge Vet

    This a a cool deal on one cool cat- Add a spin and you have a fun ride! Vid: 
  4. Fasterdamnit!

    Sailrocket- The show goes on!

    Paul and the SailRocket team are back at it. After attending Bernard Smith's memorial service, they are working on the new boat. This should be front page stuff. "We have been very busy over the past few months. The build of the next boat is well underway...
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    FAIL Pic fun

  6. Fasterdamnit!

    Next race triangle- REACH!! SPEED!!!

    I am stoked to see these monsters go for max velocity broad reaching all over the Med. So what if it isn't bow-to-bow match racing. We could see 40+ in right conditions.
  7. Fasterdamnit!

    BMW Oracle site rebroadcast Start NOW!!!
  8. Fasterdamnit!

    Sailrocket out of control wild ride!

    So after two record attempts with peak speeds just over 50knots, the boat has a rigging failure and the wing cannot be depowered. It takes off from the beach and he has to climb back on from the bow under way and get to the cockpit to try and drive it to a soft landing while hitting 20-30knots...
  9. Fasterdamnit!

    SailRocket flips again!

    Looks like Paul has made an uncontrolled flight into terrain again. Awaiting video. From the blog- "10/06/2009 - 11:14Helena:Hi All gusting 25-26kn Vestas Sailrocket is ready at the top of the course 10/06/2009 - 11:15Paul is in the cockpit he has got Jeff and Simon holding him 10/06/2009 -...
  10. Fasterdamnit!

    SailRocket back for speed record attempt

    While the controversy continues over the boat vs. foiler vs. boards for the world speed record over 500 meters, kudos to the guys that go out and risk injury and death to push the boundaries. SailRocket has proven to be both fast and and a literal flight risk. Good thing he was wearing...
  11. Fasterdamnit!

    SailRocket heads back to Namibia for Speed Record attempt

    "The UK based VESTAS SAILROCKET team are to return to Walvis Bay in Namibia for one more assault on the outright speed sailing record. The 28 day record period will commence on the 2nd of October. This will be the final record attempt for this wonderful boat. It has endured a long and...
  12. Fasterdamnit!

    F18 faster in a breeze than N20?

    Having heard this argument before while researching used rigs for the frankencat, I find the first days Tybee 500 results quite interesting. "According to the racers, the F-18's smaller, more efficient sail plan lets them reach under full sail while the 20s are depowering, and the results...
  13. Fasterdamnit!

    Gearheads Unite! Like that horsepower?

    I know there are others like Shife that enjoy spinning wrenches to make more power. What do you like to work on and make better? Drag race? Road race? Tractor Pull? Ford? Chevy? Mopar? AMC? Honda? DSM? British? Euro? I am mostly a Ford guy. Building a 347 for my 1965 Mustang coupe that I...
  14. Fasterdamnit!

    Sailrocket crash today.

    From Sailrocket site- "It appears that something failed structurally early on the record attempt today and the boat collapsed and turned over very quickly. Paul has some nasty cuts and was badly concussed. We will report in more detail tomorrow when we have looked at the boat and any available...
  15. Fasterdamnit!

    Spinal Tap tour- Unwigged and Unplugged

    Check out- and don't forget to smell the glove...
  16. Fasterdamnit!

    Sprit and assym worth it in Southeast sailing?

    I tried to find a pic but looks like it did not transfer from the old laptop. Looking to revive The Green Machine and am more concerned with fun speed runs than trying to win a ratings game. The boat- First built in the early 70's. It was the male mold for a Helms 25 that rumor says Jack...
  17. Fasterdamnit!

    Predacessor to Mac 26?

    Looks like the genetic forebearer for the macgregor. Crappy sailboat and motorboat all in one.|240%3A1308
  18. Fasterdamnit!

    SailRocket goes ballistic! 50+ knots!

    Awesome stuff!
  19. Fasterdamnit!

    SailRocket doing runs for record attempt, LIVE blog

    Cool stuff. The super geek helmet w/ fairing for the record attempt runs.
  20. Fasterdamnit!

    What is McCain's best chance at turning it around?

    How can Sen. McCain reverse Sen. Obama's polling numbers? wait for it- Endorse Obama! :P Anyone have a real recommendation? Negative attacks seem to not be working...

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