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    The oldest beachcat regatta

    Roton Point 63rd annual 9/17
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    The Longest Running Beachcar Regatta ever...

    59 years of racing beach cats at a legendary private club. A great weekend of racing and partying,
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    The Longest Running Beachcat Regatta ever...
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    Day 1
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    8:30 EST Sat & Sun
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    Oldest, best beach cat regatta ever

    Don't miss this party!
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    Anybody else get this? This website has been reported as unsafe We recommend that you do not continue to this website. It has been reported to Microsoft for containing threats to your computer that might reveal personal or financial information. Go to my home page...
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    cutting amsteel dyneema

    What's the best way to cut 7/64 and control the ends?
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    Tramp lacing

    What type/brand of line is best for lacing up trampolines? Need no stretch that will slide freely through multiple "pad eyes" under high tension.
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    The oldest beach cat Regatta ever
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    The longest running beachcat regatta ever
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    Go full screen Crank up the volume Come for a ride on Bantam Lake in Ct
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    F1 AC
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    Zaha Wahoo

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    what (the fuck) is it?

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    Stamford Yacht Haven

    Bullshit reigns!
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    C Class
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    C Class
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    Salin' Radio Music