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    caption contest

    At last, the perfect crew; exactly where I want them and as dumb as rocks.
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    Gardeners: What is this?

    Planta De Exterior O Interior Drascena Lisa
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    Cairns - Enter the brace position

    A mate, almost blind and 5 kiliometres from Innisfail is alone, no neighbours within a kilometre. He's hunkering down. I called last night to see what I could do. 'Oh she'll be right maaaate, was here for Larry and I'll be here for the next one. Queenslander!' (You have to be a local to get...
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    Jessica Watson - Respect

    I wonder if he even bothered to ask KRudd for a spot on the dias? No, it's the DAIS, look it up. K Rudd intended sharing the golden glow with none but JW. For seven months the pundits and naysayers said she'd somehow fail but no one convinced Jess. For months I read her blogs and when I lay...
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    I built a boat. Now I need to make rigging

    +1 That was very cool, Clean. You made more than his day. Onya Mer and Al.
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    At a time when cheating gets the most press

    Anecdote: a bloke wins a race of a seven-race World Championship by port-tacking fleet at start and afterwards in the park an also-ran finisher told him 'you were very close on port at the start I had to dip.' No discussion, the bloke walks over to the results board and draws a line through his...
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    I built a boat. Now I need to make rigging

    Dear Little Idea, your boat building project has been the object of fascination for me, and judging by the response, many others as well. As well as doing a cracker job of it, you are to be congratulated on your ability to write so clearly, simply and beautifully. Your build post is well...
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    R Class Skiff Development:Two Boat Testing Video

    Hey Sean, (spoke to you at Lyttleton in November about the foiling R Class). I wrote the ed re: Doug Lord. and he basically said it's his site and he can do what he likes but I see DL is back so maybe, after all, anarchy rules. Good luck with 603, I was very impressed with the 2 boats foiling...
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    Hey all you wine snobs!

    La Grande Dame '83? The Widow Cliquot makes some great stuff, though not every year. If the conditions weren't sweet she declined. An '83 is a very good, if not stellar year, chill the bugger in an ice bucket, on the 14th of February open it carefully (do not pop the cork and let all those...
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    Everybody Votes!!! Best AC from 1983 to 2007

    Wuzin Newport '67, '77 an' '83, but for pure joy, '83, the duck's nuts. JB WON THE FUCKIN' THING, DC cried, Bondy gloated, Benny lived and Beasho fixed it. There is nothing that will ever erase the memory of the faces of the members of the NYYC as they handed the Cup over, but by comparison...
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    worst episode ever

    Our bucks, our boats, our PRO, our rules. RIP AC Eddie woulda gone? Fuck, Eddie went. RIP Eddie.
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    What do you do with these boats a week from now?

    Have we not had this thread before and discussed multiple options? No that was the multiple orgasm thread.
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    The Art of the Deal

    Like it? Keep your mouth shut except to ask how old, how many, when and why. Look it over as if you were myopic, don't fall in love. Still want it? Do the maths, discount the asking price to accomodate new things and one you will happily pay, one that makes you feel you got what you wanted...
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    Buying a Rolls-Royce

    Tell the guy you want to drive it for 24 hours. Take it to the gas station, fill it. Drive until its empty. Fill it again. Drive until its empty again then stop by a tire house and have them quote the four replacements you'd need if you could afford to drive it far enough. If that little...
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    looking for a fittness forum

    If you're serious, join a gym, take three different classes: spin, row and ABT (abs, butt, thighs). All you need to know. How do I know? I researched the three classes with the most cals burned per hour. Schedule one per day, 5 days a week and spend 45mins in each and watch your diet, you'll...
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    Phony Booth

    I did some figuring: 25,000 posts at average of around 50 words per, equals roughly 1.25 million words or a novel-length work of some 600-700 pages, in your spare time! You could have written a story by now and who knows, your wit and perspicacity mighta steered you into a contract or a deal...
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    Haiti earthquake explained

    Then there's deforestation, which causes erosion and worsens flooding. Haiti leads the Western Hemisphere in tree-clearing, mostly for cooking because of the poverty. . . Take a Google Earth shot of Hispaniola and you'll clearly see the border demarcartion line . . . it's easy, the Dominican...
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    Blue Sabrina

    Ah Robbie, christ what a laugh you gi' me. I Googled those instructions and you're dead right, fercrissakes, stop, look and pull the waders higher than your head and g'night Katie. Peregrines you say? In Winter? A Seagull, wow. I have a B flat Boehm flute let's get together and play those...
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    My 18-year old just broke up with boyfriend the first, tears. . . tantrums. I asked her mother what to do. 'Take her to the movies and buy her a choc-top ice cream and tell her in ten years or so she'll have forgotten whathisname's name.' 'So what would you like to see honey?' 'Avatar'. We...
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    Best children’s books about boats

    TRIM, a true story about explorer Matthew Flinders' cat that sailed with him around and about for some time until lost overboard. Sad? Yes, but uplifting.

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