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  1. FastrSailr

    Man Overboard Videos

    Hey Gang- I'm trying to track down the videos US Sailing had of the MOB drills from their symposium out on San Francisco a few years back. Anybody have a YouTube link or any other source? I've checked the US Sailing website, but couldn't find anything. Any videos showing proper MOB recovery...
  2. FastrSailr

    2010 Mills Race

    Any idea why they decided to change the course for the Mills Race? They're saying they've designed the course to stay in American waters in response to feedback from participants, but this course doesn't seem to make any sense. Especially the first leg. What was wrong with sailing up around...
  3. FastrSailr

    Bayview Yacht Club Warren F. Jones Memorial Race

    I know I've posted this elsewhere, but with less than a month to go, it's time to have it's own thread. Bayview is hosting the Inaugural Warren F. Jones Memorial Race. Anarchist SailDry has worked with other members to set up a race in memory of his legendary father, The race is very simple...
  4. FastrSailr

    Burt Jones- RIP

    I'm having a really hard time writing this, but Burt Jones, owner of Burden IV and stalwart of the Detroit sailing scene passed away this morning. Like his brother Warren, Burt was a larger than life character who everybody in Detroit sailing knew. He'll be sorely missed by all. That's really...
  5. FastrSailr

    Video and Podcasts- Mackinac Race Winners Panel

    Last year, cariguy, as Race Chairman, put together a panel discussion of sailors who have won the Mackinac Race a lot of times to talk about their strategies for the race, watch systems, sails, equipment, etc. It was well attended, really informational, and a good time. He also recorded the...
  6. FastrSailr

    Beer Can Boat Gutter Racing

    Looking for information on having a "regatta" consisting of competitors making their own boats from beer cans and other parts and racing them down rain gutters. We'd like to try to incorporate this into a party this winter here in Detroit. If I recall, a group in Annapolis did this every year...
  7. FastrSailr

    2010 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class

    I was elated to see today that the Stooges will finally be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. These guys are one the founders of punk music, and it's a shame it's taken so long for them to be inducted. It's just sad that this had to happen after Ron Asheton's death, but I'm sure...
  8. FastrSailr

    Need MS Outlook Help

    I've added an email account on to MS Outlook on which there was already an Exchange Server. I know I can't run two exchange server accounts, so I just set it up as an IMAP email account. The problem I'm encountering is that when I send an email from the IMAP account, it appears in the "sent...
  9. FastrSailr

    Bayview Mackinac Races

    Please read, and if you agree, voice your support for Pure Michigan. Funding for Pure Michigan in Danger Sponsorship for next year's race hinges on state budget The Pure Michigan Bayview Mackinac Race receives it's primary funding from Travel Michigan. The next six weeks funding for this...
  10. FastrSailr

    This is why you're fat

    Apologies if this has already been posted, but, too good to not share: This is why you're fat.
  11. FastrSailr

    Bayview Mackinac Race @ Strictly Sail Chicago

    The Bayview Port Huron to Mackinac Race will have a booth at the Chicago Strictly Sail show this winter, as well as a seminar at 10:30 AM on Saturday. The seminar will focus on how a new/ first time Mackinac racer can do the race safely and competitively, and while cariguy would have more info...
  12. FastrSailr

    Virtual VOR Wind Shift Question

    The game says that the wind changes at 1100 and 2300 GMT every day. It also says that the time for purposes of the game is in GMT +1. My time zone is GMT -5. So if I want to log onto the game exactly when the wind shifts, what time do I have to log on? 0600 and 1800 local time? How does the...
  13. FastrSailr


    Just in time for Thanksgiving, check out this wonderful cardiac arresting treat: The Turbaconducken
  14. FastrSailr

    IRC East Coast Championship

    Didn't see a thread started yet, so: Who's going, what boat/class, etc. etc. etc. Right now it looks like I'll be in Class 2. Hoping for more breeze than at Race Week. Looking forward to another trip to Annapolis!
  15. FastrSailr

    What's going on here?

    Came across this photo, and had to ask: What is the dude straddling the lifelines on the port side of the boat doing?
  16. FastrSailr

    New RRS

    Can someone smarter than me explain the changes to Rule 18.2? I'm having a difficult time figuring out the practical differences, and don't have the time to spend all day on this. Thanks in advance. FS
  17. FastrSailr

    Judge's image of sailors

    I'm reading the case Harden v. Gordon for my Admiralty law class, and the Justice Story says: "Seamen are by the peculiarity of their lives liable to sudden sickness from change of climate, exposure to perils, and exhausting labour. They are generally poor and friendless, and acquire habits of...
  18. FastrSailr

    Leroi Moore dies

    Leroi Moore died tonight, after an ATV accident in late June. One of the better saxists I've ever heard, and the best I've seen live, with one of the best live performances you'll ever see. RIP Leroi... :(
  19. FastrSailr

    How much do you spend?

    Out of curiosity and my own future plans to maybe be dumb enough to own a boat, I'm wondering from you boat owners: 1) What proportion of your income (total or disposable) do you spend on your boat? 2) What kind of racing do you do? In this question, I'm wondering if you're a beercan...
  20. FastrSailr

    Congressional Cup

    Haven't seen a thread about this, and it's this week. Good luck CVT and the rest of the Bayview team! Congressional Cup Website

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