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  1. notallthere

    Looking for Suggestions for a Family Boat (and possible racer)

    Any 25' MORC Boat would probably be a good candidate. Like a Wavelength 24 or something. Olson 25 good too. Hell, even a Santa Cruz 27 is super manageable with a small headsail
  2. notallthere

    Blue Shark Sailing Hardware

    Anyone ever use this stuff? This is the Kiwi site, but they have a Chinese one as well and that is obviously where the stuff is made. Looks low quality for sure but for some applications, that's OK. Certainly not buying their winches or anything like that....
  3. notallthere

    Cutting down a Genoa....

    My general rule is any more than a 10% reduction in area and you are going to start spending too much to make it worthwhile. This assumes donor sail is in nearly new condition to start. (25 yr loft vet)
  4. notallthere

    SB2KH race.

    Huh, I remember one just like that. Wonder if we was on the same boat.... Love the team I am with again this year, but not optimistic on the forecast. Hope we get surprised and fucked for leaving the A-3 at the dock!
  5. notallthere

    Got him @ 50:1

    Ben hogan, tiger, jack, Bobby jones, Seve, and moe Norman are the greatest golfers of all time. nice to see the big cat back on grass even if he is a questionable human. Phil should be out there I am pulling for cam smith for the green jacket. Couple others wouldn’t bother me either
  6. notallthere

    What’s your favorite anchorage’s ( pic’s)

    Do mooring fields count when there are no other boats in them?
  7. notallthere

    CDI Flexible Furler

    In-laws had one on their Cat 27 which we used frequently back then. It wasn't the greatest furler ever, but never let us down. 
  8. notallthere

    PV Race- 2022 Edition.

    I saw them on a friends phone at the airport in PV since we were both headed home early... They were not pretty
  9. notallthere

    What is the latest on Terremoto, the Riptide 35?

    Can’t have a little fast boat start on Thursday and beat Pyewacket across the line.
  10. notallthere

    mound of the hound

    What a fuckin circle jerk for a bunch of tools. 2 of them told me straight up they did not care to have the respect of their competitors! It blew my mind. 
  11. notallthere

    J/105 Sparcraft mast replacing Hall

    Likely a bit more with slides than a volt rope. Also, if the rig is that much softer fore and aft, there may not be enough tabling to add luff curve, then you get into girth issues. Best move is to shorten the foot a little and start over from there...
  12. notallthere

    Shorthanded cruiser search 33-37' and $60k budget

    Bene 10r maybe a good fit?
  13. notallthere

    Boom Cover and Lazy Jacks

    An alternate view about the light coming from the deck. I find that having the bottom open means very little water stays on the sail and much less chance of mold/ heat damaging laminates. 
  14. notallthere

    Cruising dacron cloth choices

    25 years as a sailmaker for various lofts from small independents to a stint with big blue and plenty in between.
  15. notallthere

    Harken Rachet Blocks; 2626 (auto) vs 2136 (manual)

    At 30', I like auto rachets in the back turning blocks and manual ones in the front near the trimmer.  For sure there is a time and place for both and a lot is preference
  16. notallthere

    Cruising dacron cloth choices

    Not at all the same. Newport Radial is a bit more balanced (so more stretch), but seems like a nice cloth for a value oriented radial construction. I have found it only slightly more expensive than a mid range crosscut Dac like Contender Supercruise.  And North has been buying cloth from the...
  17. notallthere

    Cruising dacron cloth choices

    D/P AP LA 320 is a clear winner on this one. 
  18. notallthere

    Precision Sails - communication issues?

    Funny. I just sent a quote to a guy via a web lead for an O'Day 23 genoa. North doesn't want this business (I used to work there...)
  19. notallthere

    Snipe Mast?

    Sidewinder gold is the standard. Where are you located? I have 2 guys in us who import them if you need. Europe should be no problem if you contact db marine

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