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  1. fwoark

    what is it?

    Still looks like a shit render. 
  2. fwoark

    Fast "safe" boat....

    As Doug said ... Tits or fuck off.
  3. fwoark

    Sydney to Gold Coast 2017

    Shit just got real. BJ has her prick ahead. 75nm to go.
  4. fwoark

    Cats are finished

    Yah! Let's go back 50 years 'cause a bunch of old timers are afraid of progress. When I was a boy ...
  5. fwoark

    2017 Garda Moth worlds

    Burton is another who could surprise a few and should be good for a top 10. He's been putting in some solid hours on Lake Macquarie over the last 12 months or so.
  6. fwoark

    Future of the AC (when ETNZ wins)

    Considering NZ is the biggest beneficiary of having the boats built remotely, Constructed in Country isn't an option. What would Core Composites do with their $17m grant from the NZ Government?
  7. fwoark

    Best Helmsman in AC35 so far

    Slingers would also be a very good investment for a new syndicate. 
  8. fwoark

    The Presser

    I'm not talking about direct collaboration and data sharing agreements. I'd rather see an outright ban there. Its the indirect and observational stuff that could assist the newcomers. Hence the locational aspect if my comment. It wasn't my main point though; BAR lacked the apparent wind and...
  9. fwoark

    The Presser

    I get what you are saying, but it is one way to reduce the development curve of new teams to bring them up to a more competitive position. If we want the number of challengers to grow and for some more competition at the pointy end, some incidental collaboration is one way to help the newer...
  10. fwoark

    The Presser

    Ben does make a good point, but let's be honest. They are well funded, and they have some great sailors in the team, but not necessarily the type of sailors required to get the best out of these boats, especially straight up boat speed. Guys like Burling and Outteridge are a class above when it...
  11. fwoark

    Best Helmsman in AC35 so far

    Burling average on foils? Maybe go look at same past a class and moth worlds results and videos. 
  12. fwoark


    Err, no. No we don't.
  13. fwoark


    It's just plain unstrayan to support the kiwis'. Ever. Plus nath, goobs, and a crap load of other aussies in the program.
  14. fwoark


    Depends on what side of the ditch you are on ... most Aussies would be backing AR over NZ.
  15. fwoark

    mystery main

    So Ed bought a new boat eh.
  16. fwoark

    Vendée Globe 2016: Be not afraid. It's just a Game...

    There must be something else!
  17. fwoark

    Vendée Globe 2016: Be not afraid. It's just a Game...

    +1 No options or external routing / weather info for me either. Last time I went the whole hog; custom scripts, Zezo, very little sleep (especially in the last week) ... it got old very quickly.
  18. fwoark

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Unfortunately there won't be much investment in multis' on the hope that they will eventually be included. Over time, these pesky baby boomers blocking the way will fall off the perch permitting some more progressive people to take ownership of the race. Until then ... well, there's always rum.
  19. fwoark

    Vendée Globe 2016: Be not afraid. It's just a Game...

    I really don't see the point of stealth out of the top 100; we're all just battling for sloppy seconds. That said, hutspot, I'm coming after your arse. :)
  20. fwoark

    Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

    Huh, I thought they went to delaminate on a beach somewhere in Queensland ...

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