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  1. oldskool

    What ever happened to the Virtual skipper games?

    Those games were crazy fun, and with my 9yr old daughter getting in to sailing, it would be great to get the latest version for her to mess about on and learn some basic stuff while having fun. Is there anything as graphically solid with a bit of technical sailing and good AI on the market now...
  2. oldskool

    Mission Bay San Diego- Best family friendly Dinghy?

    Hey guys, My Daughter just got stoked on Sailing Sabots, so I want to buy a fun dinghy that we can race and daysail on Mission Bay. I would really like to find a V15, but there doesn't seem like there are any south of San Fran. Any other ideas on good light air boats that could daysail/race...
  3. oldskool

    CYC Sportboat Regatta and FT 10 N/A's- umm Bueller, anyone...

    Just throwing a general question out to the masses. I know SF NOOD is pulling many Vipers away from this event as well as the big 505 regatta in San Fran on the same weekend, but there are currently 5 total boats registered for this regatta and we are 1 week away. I'm sure there are more...
  4. oldskool

    Sailing in Maui?

    Hey all. Taking the family to Maui next week and wondering if there are any weeknight races held on Maui? If there are, are there boats that may need some hands or at least someone to bring the beer? Thanks, oldskool
  5. oldskool

    Best Sub 20' family friendly dinghy?

    Hey all, I haven't posted up on SA for at least a year. The big boat sailing in San Diego is not nearly as fun as it was on the East Coast, so I slow slid away and started riding mountain bikes where I live in North County (I do still really like the tiger class, but it's hard to steal time...
  6. oldskool

    Would we be happier...

    So we are stuck watching Multi's for the new cup, and although I am not a big fan of boats from outer space, I bet it will be good for the sport and really push some limits. (and for you multi guys who want to call me a bigot, get bent jacksticks, I'm still excited about the next cup) My beef...
  7. oldskool

    Only in California

    Check he link: Looks like Del Mar is the only game in town. It's funny that Coronado opertes 24/7 with HUGE planes and helicopters, but the thought of a fireworks display causes pollution...
  8. oldskool

    Any Oceanside, CA Anarchists

    Thinking about buying a house in CA (against my better judgement), but it looks like you can get a reasonable house for a reasonable price in Oceanside and Vista. We currently rent a condo in Del Mar, but need more space and are thinking about taking advantage of this buyers market. BUT, we...
  9. oldskool

    State of California

    Not sure if this should be in PA, but I hate going in there, but check out this link: Not exactly a way in increase consumer confidence...
  10. oldskool

    Seascape 18

    How much do we think it will cost to get one of these to the US? They look like a fun little trailerable rocket ship to keep in the back yard. Any thoughts on stability vs crew weight? It looks pretty mellow with 2, but could you do 3 or 4 for a family race and end up with no broken noses?
  11. oldskool

    Southwest England

    So I have to visit the inlaws in the the UK soon and may try to do some big boat sailing. They have a house in Beminster (Dorset Coast)-cottage and then one south of Bath- full time house. What would good options to look at be for weekly and weekend racing within a reasonable drive? Is...
  12. oldskool

    Angry car stereo

    I have a 2007 VW Jetta Wolfsburg and have a really wierd problem. When I put a CD in the head unit, the sound comes out, but there is a crackly static, not like a blown speaker, just a annoying soft crackle. Funny thing is, is that it only happens with the CD player. Radio and aux are fine...
  13. oldskool

    SoCal I understand

    I know PHRF sailing is lame, but this is ridiculous. What is up with this photo (check the kite in the foreground) on the PHRF San Diego website: It explains so much..... :lol: :lol: (not picking on the boat, though we should, just the fact that it is...
  14. oldskool

    Housing market in Florida is super low..

    Guys, I have been checking the housing prices in south florida and watching them fall to a point where I may be able to buy one and own it outright from the onset. We've been looking around Sarasota, West Palm Beach, Pt. St. Lucie (not sure about the vibe on that place), Lauderdale, and Miami...
  15. oldskool

    I want to sail one

    Hey Fellas, I just moved out to San Diego from Annapolis. Anyone need experienced crew for OD racing or beercans in the bay or close by? Send me a PM. Thanks oldskool
  16. oldskool

    Need a ride in San diego

    I just moved out to San Diego from Annapolis and have made some time in my schedule to start sailing out here in SD Bay or anywhere else within reasonable driving distance from North SD County. Shoot me a PM, here's my sailing history snapshot: Thanks, oldskool
  17. oldskool

    Big boat racing in san diego

    Hey guys, I finally got my schedule mellowed out enough to start racing out here in Dago. Is there a schedule online of all the events or is SDYC the best source? Also, if anyone wouldn't mind a transplanted right coaster on the boat for any regattas, drop me a pm. I haven't sailed since...
  18. oldskool

    Moving to San

    Hey guys, I got a promotion and am relocating to san diego (don't worry DaWoody, the person I am replacing has left san diego, so it is an even trade...haha). I was out there last week and checked out a bunch of condo communities to rent for a year or so before we pick a place to buy. I am...
  19. oldskool

    Stockton, California

    So there is a position with my company open there and I considered applying for the transfer. Is Stockton a cool place or is it, as I guess, just another town in California? I am aiming to transfer to California for a variety of reasons, but what we are looking for in a place to leave...
  20. oldskool

    Anna Maria Island, Florida..

    So, for Christmas, I'm taking my wife and daughter to Anna Maria Island (south side of Tampa bay on the gulf coast) and have never been there. Has anyone been? What are the good restaurants in Anna Maria? Anyone know any local fishing charters that actually catch fish? Should I bring a...

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