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    Salmon BS

    Has anyone else had the same situation with the Sailmon instrument? Bought one a few yrs ago and has worked great, did all the things they said it would from the beginning. About 5-6 most ago they advertised for additional 'Upgraded Gold Subscription' they offered 'advanced analytics. Since...
  2. BWR

    International 14 Worlds 2022 Team racing starts tomorrow. The individual Worlds on Thur. Only 2 USA boats there, both chartered from the GER fleet as the shipping was going to be astronomical and unsure if would even get there from west coast. No AUS boats there either. See at least 5-6...
  3. BWR

    Evolution (Front Page)

    Great historical look at the International 14' Dinghy / Skiff. Thanks VR Sports and Master Bates!
  4. BWR

    2018 I-14 Worlds We should at least start the discussions!  Apparently 5 containers already at Richmond Yacht Club.  Sounds like some of the young guns have been sailing most of the month of July at the Gorge.  Then have been sailing everyday in SF.  Sounds like some of the foreign...
  5. BWR

    International 14 Worlds - Carnac, France

    So the I-14 Worlds start next week in Carnac, France. Team racing 4 on 4 will start out the event. Then the individual worlds. Last I saw 79 boats entered, hopefully a few more to add. Who has predictions. The Brits have been very strong for the last several yrs, but at least a new winner...
  6. BWR

    I14s at Kaneohe YC Pac Rims

    New Pool Toy for KYC! Pacific Rims started yesterday. Awaiting reports, heard light and shifty the first day, lots of holes…atypical K-bay sailing. Supposed to be 20 kt. today with Trades kicking in. Some of the usual suspects at the top of the leader board. Not all the boats made the trip...
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    International 14 2015 US Nationals

    2015 International 14 U.S, National Championships Santa Barbara, CA May 15-17, 2015 The 2015 I-14 US Nationals was held out of Santa Barbara Yacht Club on May 15-17. This event was held in conjunction with the Santa Barbara Skiff Fest which this year included a fleet of 29ers, as well as the...
  8. BWR

    2018 International 14 Worlds - Richmond YC San Francisco Just announced yesterday. Congrates to RYC and the USA West Coast fleet for winning the right to hold I-14 worlds in 2018. Now get out there and start sailing 14s. You want a challenge? Berkley Circle Summer time on a 14! You can go to...
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    International 14 Worlds - Toronto

    Alright I'll get it started. Any info/thoughts. Predictions. Party favors? Looking forward to see all my 'Puck Head' buddies BR
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    International 14 Photos - 2012 Pac Rims, US Nationals

    Pacific Rim Championships Hawaii State Championships U.S. Nationals Renee's photos up at Password: pac rim
  11. BWR

    Really? No 18 info?

    I know everyboidy has been paying attention to the AC 45s in 'The City'. But not even a word about he 18s which started yesterday. Know most of the guys sailing won't be around to comment (if they frequent here much) but are there not others who might forward some info? Guess I'l have to go...
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    San Diego I-14 Training weekend SDYC I-14 training weekend Jan 21-22, 2012. Introduce new and currrent sailors to 14 sailing. Will have coach boats and transfer boats to get people on the water and into boats. Several experienced 14 sailors to offer assistance and...
  13. BWR

    San Diego International 14 Training weekend SDYC I-14 training weekend Jan 22-23, 2011. Introduce new and currrent sailors to 14 sailing. Will have coach boats and transfer boats to get people on the water and into boats. Several experienced 14 sailors to offer assistance...
  14. BWR

    I-14 2010 Pac Rims

    Aloha! The boats are on their way, sailors soon to follow. Rumors of an AUS container?, presume at least one CAN container (now that Fred & Co. done w/ C-Class for the winter), was talk of a GBR container?, usually a few JPN sailors show up @ Andy's with some Sake! 3 from the West Coast...
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    I-14 US Nationals

    Update on the 2010 US I-14 Nationals Hosted by San Diego Yacht Club Aug. 20-22, 2010. The US nationals are being sponsored by RONSTAN, SAILING SUPPLY, NORTH SAILS-One Design, and GLASER SAILS. Please see NOR and Online Entry at Sailing Instructions...
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    Mark Foy Trophy - 18s in Carnac

    Looks like some of the ex- and current 14 boys doing well. Early races, but good to see and hear some of the faces/names on the boats. I count 5 I-14 past or current World Champs on the first 3-4 boats after 2 races.
  17. BWR

    Renee Speak Photos

    Renee just put up lots of photos from recent events, mostly here in San Diego -S.D. NOOD, S.D. Super Cup w/ 14s and 49ers, even a Moth sighting. Use link, then put in password 14 photos Enjoy!!
  18. BWR

    San Diego NOOD I-14 West Coast Championships

    SD NOOD is sch. for Mar.20-22, 2009. We will again be sailing out of the Navy Yacht Club at Fiddlers Cove off the strand on Coronado Island. Sailing in San Diego's South Bay, usually 5 kts. more breeze here than anywhere else in SD. Water will be in low/mid 60s F, usually 8-20 kts. of breeze...
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    I-14 So. Cal. Winter series

    Hello everyone, As promised, I've been working on some dates for a Southern California winter I-14 sailing series. It is still in the works, but tentative plans are to have at least monthly sailing available at the San Diego One Design Weekends (ODW). I'm still waiting to get confirmation of...
  20. BWR

    I-14 Photos

    Renee just put up some long awaited photos from I-14 2007 US Nationals, and 2008 Pac Rims in Hawaii. password: Nationals Pac Rim

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