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    Stainless Steel Jib Hanks

    So, my new headsail arrived and I am a little taken aback to discover that it is fitted with what appear to be stainless steel hanks. It is my understanding that hanks should be bronze so as not to wear on the head stay. Anyone out there use stainless steel hanks? Should I be concerned? Am I...
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    Jib battens

    I am in process of ordering a new jib for racing/cruising. This is a hank on. No roller furler. One of the options is battens. I've been crewing and racing a few years and I have seen a couple of boats with battens in the jib but not many. Anyone out there a fan of the jib batten? What are the...
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    Looking for Recommendations for Bareboat Charter Company in Greece

    I am planning a sailing trip to Greece in May or June.  Does anyone out there recommend a charter company?  I used Dream Yacht last time around (2019) and I didn't love them.  Thanks
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    Velociteck Prostart

    I've been eyeballing the Velociteck Prostart but at $1k I am reluctant to pull the trigger without some more info. I understand mostly what it does but a complete description is remarkably hard to find. Does anyone out there use one? Has it been valuable in improving starts and helping to take...

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