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  1. duncan

    Just watched Grand Prix

    Goddammit jeanpierre, why, why?
  2. duncan

    golden crush

    nice write up. congrats on your finish and its also apparent that tacticians do indeed try to kill everyone on the bow /sarcasm
  3. duncan

    20gw in 4ms prompt criticality

    anyway to equate that? what did the flux capacitor need?
  4. duncan

    stupid gd excel macro

    help? need to get &^*(&%*&^ excel to accept data and move to next row...right now it just hangs in the same cell and data becomes one long string Public Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Application.EnableEvents = True 'think this is useless since im calling a feature...
  5. duncan

    paris- where to stay?

    viva las vegas- er paris first time there, its a bit maddening trying to get this sorted online. any one here have a connection for an apt/house? apr26-?
  6. duncan

    fails- holy mackerel this guy almost eats it

  7. duncan

    newport/narrangansett local knowledge?

    All, Got any info about racing up there? Done a couple, but bow in deference to the old masters here. help? duncan
  8. duncan

    lil help- Hitler

    cant find it anywhere -
  9. duncan


    personally rooting from Greece- whos gonna take it?
  10. duncan

    any of you guys take part in that 1000 boat flotilla?

    just wondering about the mayhem- 1000 boats in a river?
  11. duncan

    Nire write-up Rail Meat!

    its a three leg race, right? keep going! Props to Mare.
  12. duncan

    Star Worlds?

    I get bandwidth limit exceeded when trying to get results anyone have any results to share?
  13. duncan

    itouch bar code scanner to sql db?

    our current unit price is ~1k per unit. needs 802 wlan sql db conn (actually could write a job that imports txt/etc) optical scanning search is turning up nothing
  14. duncan

    Megamillions 356 mil

    Pick the numbers. I'll buy the ticket.
  15. duncan

    off to london next week

    any recommendations? seeing if i can catch swansea v fulham- go the Demps! sister is having a baby, so if the skys turn black and day becomes night, youll know why
  16. duncan

    USA v ITA - 1:0!

    first time in history and not a word here... USA! USA! USA!
  17. duncan

    ISAF Classification Survey - Required Info

    Why does ISAF need my city of birth and employer's address? This is a bit invasive and some is used for credit checks/etc.
  18. duncan

    vb/excel/macro help?

    think my prob might be that im trying to delete a macro within itself. but how do you get the auto_open to only fire once? Set vbCom = Application.VBE.ActiveVBProject.VBComponents vbCom.Remove VBComponent:= _ vbCom.Item("Auto_Open")
  19. duncan


    Hi Everybody! Got invited to sail aboard one of these machines, exhilarating. Couple questions: engine compartment- do you sail with this dry? spin x-sheeting- how do you do it after the hoist and transition from the jib? i think you basically have to strip the jib and sheet on. wondering...

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