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  1. Bayrat

    Tartan 4600? Flame away if have experience

    There was one in New Orleans, Dom Perignon, prior to Katrina which was customized for racing. She did amazingly well in anything over 8-10 knots of breeze. I sailed on her several times and she was a freight train. Lovely boat, I'd buy one in a second.
  2. Bayrat

    Annapolis to Newport 2013

    They seem to be dropping like flies now......bummer!
  3. Bayrat


    No, she was in Biloxi, Mississippi when Katrina hit. She had been donated to the Biloxi Seafood & Maritime Industry Museum. Perhaps someone affiliated with the Museum can be of further assistance. Biloxi Maritime & Seafood Industry Museum
  4. Bayrat

    BP Exec. Tony Hayward sails in the UK?

    What a worthless, piece of shit individual... <_<
  5. Bayrat

    Volvo Race stopover in Boston

    Planning to go up to Boston for the re-start of the Volvo race - any recommendations for a convenient, high end hotel? Walking distance to all the action would be preferable. Thanks
  6. Bayrat

    key west housing

    Simonton Court Key West you could try Simonton Court - I have stayed there several times. it's 1 block off of Duval St and walking distance to pretty much anywhere. it's mostly a single room type of B&B, but they do have several small houses that are available. several pools also...
  7. Bayrat

    MELGES 32

    Tornado hit the dry storage at Pensacola YC and beat the boats to shit...
  8. Bayrat

    Optimum Time OS 223

    Do yourself a favor - pick another watch. Optimum's are troublesome. Ronstan makes their version of the 223 (essentially the same thing, just a different branding) which is the RF4032. APS sells them.
  9. Bayrat

    Justice served!

    Justice served!
  10. Bayrat

    Melges 24 North Americans - Annapolis, Oct 28 - Nov 1

    Looks like a gear-busting practice day! Tuesday: Cloudy. Rain this morning...then a chance of rain this afternoon. Windy with highs in the upper 40s. Northwest winds 15 to 25 mph...increasing to 25 to 30 mph this afternoon. Gusts around 45 mph. Chance of rain 80 percent.
  11. Bayrat

    Morning Light

    Saw it on Friday night in Baltimore, 9:50pm show...only 4 people in the theater. Don't see it staying there long, which is a shame - it was a pretty good film.
  12. Bayrat

    Crucial Morning Light issue...

    So does the Landmark theater in Harbor East (Baltimore) - saw it Friday night and the theater was pretty empty...
  13. Bayrat

    Fossett's plane was found

    anyone have a link to the photos?
  14. Bayrat

    Fawcett above ground?

    So, when you go over there and buy a pair of shoes, offer then .10 on the dollar for them! Bargain! :lol:
  15. Bayrat

    Shipping battens

    Seko Worldwide - they ship long spin poles also
  16. Bayrat

    Tropical Wx - The Ike thread

    any word on Houston Yacht Club yet? My folks live in The Woodlands and lost power on Friday night, still no power. Lots of trees and limbs down, but none on their home thank god. Cell service is still very spotty - was able to get through to them once yesterday after trying for hours.... :(
  17. Bayrat

    Sunk what outside Magothy River Annapolis how??

    look how many of those UGLY fuckers they made!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Bayrat

    Tropical Wx for the Southeast...

    We should be ok levees for the Corps of Engineers to fuck up, and we have hills and high ground! <_< In the interest of my friends and family on the coast, I would rather NOT take that bet.... :(
  19. Bayrat

    Tropical Wx for the Southeast...

    So what should we expect in Annapolis? Heading down to the Melges 24 to strip the jib off at noon today and strap her to the trailer... <_<

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