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  1. Roy Race

    Crocodile J D

    Some photos of a Fireball refurb we are doing at the moment. Fireball 13684 Crocodile JD won the Worlds in 1989 and was one of the first wide-bow boats in the UK. The boat is 25 years old and showing its age a bit so we decided to wade in and do a pretty intensive refurb. We will have to pretty...
  2. Roy Race

    Help a friend

    I would be very grateful if you good people of Sailing Anarchy could help out a friend of mine. His name is Anthony and he's a junior production exec at the advertising company my wife works at. He has entered a competition run by the California Travel and Tourism Commission in the UK. They run...
  3. Roy Race

    Shaping a centreboard

    I'm thinking of trying to make a new wood core, glass sheathed dinghy centreboard which would have a 375mm chord where it exits the hull and a 235mm chord at the bottom. There are no rules limiting thickness, so if I went for a uniform 12% thickness, that's 45mm thick at the top and 28mm thick...
  4. Roy Race

    Best local newspaper headline

    Well done to Peterborough Today's Tara Dundon, for coming up with the spectacular headline: "MPs call for jobs blow to be reversed" Nice work!
  5. Roy Race

    Councilman Jim Ramsey

    [No message]
  6. Roy Race


    Nice to see some 470 girls being given the honour. These two wouldn't remember me from Adam but I remember them from my days as a wholly unimpressive 470 journeyman. The first event I ever did, I clearly remember our first ever practice session, it was one SPA regatta, lumpy water and blowing a...
  7. Roy Race

    The customer is always right

    I was trawling a few articles about the time-honoured phrase "the customer is always right" over the weekend after a particularly awkward customer used it on me last week. It got me thinking of how this phrase is quite frankly, bollocks. There are plenty of times when customers are wrong...
  8. Roy Race

    Not exactly brain surgery

    A beautifully done sketch the non-brits might not have seen: You know what's coming after the first 30 seconds, but it's still funny. (Well, I think so!)
  9. Roy Race

    West coast US holiday

    My wife and I are considering doing a drive down the west coast later this year, the first two weeks of October. Our plan so far is to fly to either Seattle or Vancouver from England (we are based in Manchester), hire a car and drive down to San Diego. I thought the font of all knowledge that is...
  10. Roy Race

    Champions League

    One for the Euro anarchists who enjoy their football. I don't know if there'll be enough interest on here to sustain this thread but for the record, I fuckin' LOVE the Champions League. Europe's biggest clubs doing battle in packed stadiums for the most important trophy in club football. I can't...
  11. Roy Race

    Prostate cancer

    I've just found out that my dad has got prostate cancer. He's very upbeat about it and was saying that if he's got 5 years left, he'll be happy enough with that and that he's not going to waste any time feeling sorry for himself. He will be finding out what stage it's at later this week and...
  12. Roy Race

    Flaking headsails with battens

    A question: How would a top bowman on say a Farr40 with non-overlapping, battened headsails race-pack his headsails? Obviously with non-battened genoas you can flake up the luff then "brick" the bag into a nice block that you could carry under your arm. These are easy to stack down below...

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