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  1. McGyver

    Bad trip (from the FP)

    Whoever installed the rudder has to do something about their dyslexia.
  2. McGyver

    Tall ship Cisne Branco allision (from the FP)

    It gets worse:
  3. McGyver

    Navier 27 (from the FP)

    Last week was the Eco Clipper without a rudder.  Now we have a foiling motorboat without propellers or jets.  Will wonders never cease?
  4. McGyver

    Eco Clipper (from the FP)

    I don't know about the Great Circle route, but this baby is going to go in small circles without a rudder.  If they cannot render a rudder, the whole thing looks iffy.
  5. McGyver

    Botin 85

    Sailing has become so specialized that the Botin 85 only sails on starboard tack.
  6. McGyver

    SPOILER ALERT (from the FP)

    Dammit, Scooter!  Now the four people worldwide who were going to watch SailGP will have to switch to: 2020 Crochet Worlds (Replay) Keeping up with the Gonzalez' (live from Managua) Canadian High School Lacrosse Finals (live) Taking a nap.
  7. McGyver

    Mixed doublehander in the Olympics.

    Recently I've read some editorials breathlessly telling us how exciting and fantastic and wonderful for us sailors is going to be the new mixed doublehander for the Olympics, and all the tremendous media coverage that it will get.  Recently we had boats: racing for the America's Cup flying...
  8. McGyver

    Club Swan 80 (From the FP)

    She had foils last year:
  9. McGyver

    A little double-standard on the FP?

    9/13  MASK FREE.  A pic of a J-70 maskless crew, together with this Righteous Rant:   "What do you people think this regatta is, a Trump rally? Where are your fucking masks? What, no Covid-19 in the UK?  That is some piss-poor race management, not to mention a missed opportunity to set an...
  10. McGyver

    Open for sailing (From the FP) WRONG PICTURE

    Scot, if you want sailing open as an activity please don't post a picture of people with their heads only inches apart, who during several instances during a couple of hours, breathe heavily after hoists and drops, and for sure be at some point to leeward of another member. A good example was...
  11. McGyver

    Iceboats from the FP

    One thing that called my attention watching the iceboats racing is the curve of the mast.  In my experience, being boats or airplanes, one tries to have the straightest edge facing the wind. (Ask the TP52 that are reaching 8 tons of tension on their backstays.) Can any aerodynamicist out there...
  12. McGyver

    Foils fail.
  13. McGyver

    Question regarding tape.

    Learned Forumites:  we have a leaking kelp window and, until we can fix it properly, we need to cover it with tape to avoid soaking the foam core.  We tried Tedlar, unsuccessfully.  We're thinking of using that clear packing tape next time.  Any suggestions?
  14. McGyver

    Tim Hahnke

    There will be a wake at SWYC Thu, Aug 9 starting around 5 PM.
  15. McGyver

    Super Foilers

    It's a good thing that the "Flying Wallendas" in the picture are not landing on what's written on the mainsail...
  16. McGyver

    Tether clips

    I haven't done ocean deliveries for a while, so  when last summer I did one from Portland to San Diego, it was my first contact with safety harnesses in years.  I could not believe how complicated they had become.  Instead of the old style carabiners, that only required a hard snap to clip...
  17. McGyver

    Another life clipped short (from the FP)

    My bad, did not realize of the other thread.
  18. McGyver

    Four sailors with broken ribs at the Moth Worlds.

    Four sailors with broken ribs?  You don't see this kind of carnage on an average NFL Sunday, with four times as many players as sailors at this regatta. Maybe, in heavy air, they should think of wearing some kind of life preserver/pads combo.
  19. McGyver

    Groupama eliminated?

    Softbank has 3 points and Groupama 2.  However, both race today: if Groupama wins and Softbank loses they are tied at 3 wins and 7 losses.  What am I missing?
  20. McGyver

    Nobody gives a shit.

    And people who may give a shit, like moi and my sailing buddies, can not watch it. Fuck them!

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