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  1. Murphy's Law

    Sparkman and Stephens online history complete

    Do you mean this PRIVATEER?
  2. Murphy's Law

    alot of race boat (ior) for little $ PHRF 60

    That's an understatement! Good thing TC has a hard head. All kidding aside, it was a tense ride back into Annapolis that afternoon; things could have been a lot worse...
  3. Murphy's Law

    alot of race boat (ior) for little $ PHRF 60

    I know that boat; it put a major hurting on a local Mumm36 at ARW in 2010...
  4. Murphy's Law

    NASS Race to Oxford

    I heard several hails on the radio including "PHRF B Race is Cancelled" who I presumed to be the RC. I could also see that there was some confusion as to what flags were to be flown on the RC boat. I also heard numerous calls from the PHRF B fleet requesting as to whether there was a general...
  5. Murphy's Law

    NASS Race to Oxford

    I can't comment on what the RC did. It was definitely light and shifty for sure for the A1 boats up at the drop mark. I saw as low as 3.5 kts TWS. The wind built again as we approached and rounded G7, only to begin a slow death shortly thereafter. Wind was NW out in the bay until about 1330...
  6. Murphy's Law

    NASS Race to Oxford

    The committee boat was anchored at G7 when the A1 boats rounded, which was around 1200, IIRC. They hauled anchor and buzzed up to R84 as the first boats approached. At that time, we still had 7 or 8 kts of breeze in the Bay, so they couldn't have known with certainty that the spigot was going to...
  7. Murphy's Law

    Annapolis Race Week

    Interesting take on the event. Its a shame about CdL. The damage is extensive. At party I heard the crew of TW talking about how they were completely unaware of the approaching boat and only realized there was traffic seconds before the collision. What a mess... ML
  8. Murphy's Law

    6 hurt in Coast Guard boat collision in San Diego

    An very unfortunate accident has occurred. My condolences go out to all the families involved. Given the situation, if it was my son that was killed, I'd have questions to be answered as well. It is apparent that something went very wrong. As the investigation continues, the circumstances of the...
  9. Murphy's Law

    6 hurt in Coast Guard boat collision in San Diego

    You, sir, are a douche... ML
  10. Murphy's Law


    I was once told by the CE of Texaco lines tanker that the US to asian ship breaker run was the hardest trip he ever had to do. The ship had all items that could be removed taken off so the ship was at minimum draft. All tanks were stripped of remaining liquids (fuel, cargo, ballast, etc) except...
  11. Murphy's Law


    Nice Link w/ great photography. Definitely captures the feeling aboard the remaining hulks of the "Ghost Fleet..."
  12. Murphy's Law


    These ships have long been decommissioned and have been sitting in the reserve fleet literally rusting away. I recall seing the Platinum II, ex-SS INDEPENDENCE layed up in Suisun Bay. She was not a US Military vessel but was a cruise ship. She was turned over MARAD as a result of American...
  13. Murphy's Law

    Wing Sail Plans

    Didn't the Wright Brothers first aircraft use wing warping versus ailerons to control roll? That might be a start in the right direction... ML
  14. Murphy's Law

    Any Naval Architects out there? I need some Help

    I was like you when I was about your age. Went to a school that will be left nameless. Graduated with a BE in NA with a heavy concentration in marine engineering. First job out of school was in ship production. Left that to worked as a mech eng in another heavy indusrty. Came back to the marine...
  15. Murphy's Law

    How good is the SA Forum REALLY

    L'ego my ego? :blink:
  16. Murphy's Law

    "I Quit" from front page

    Dave Attell certianly needs to quit talking shit about Tucker. Err, my bad.
  17. Murphy's Law


    Somebody Else, You sir, are correct! Boat design requirements fall under 33 CFR 183. The only connections permitted on boat fuel tanks is through the top, primarily for safety reasons. Also, I found this site for other details regarding the design and outfitting of small boats. USCG...
  18. Murphy's Law


    Interesting. Don't know where you got that USCG requirement from as I've never heard that, but the real reason you don't put fuel fittings on the bottom of tanks is for a practical reason; why the heck would you want to stir the sediment/water up off the bottom of the tank where it normally...
  19. Murphy's Law


    I'll second that. It's a slightly different ballgame and environment changes so rapidly that you really have to understand what's going on... I had a really hard lesson on AWA/AWS. My buddy talked me into taking my newly purchased P16 out on the Severn in March. I had never gone that fast on...
  20. Murphy's Law

    winch drum refinishing

    Something to remember... You're going to get increased friction on the halyard when winching at the expense of jacket life. Restoring drum performance may best be achieved by replacing the drum. Also, any treatment process you may pursue may damage the winch drum coating (chrome or other), so...

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