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  1. Bayrat

    Volvo Race stopover in Boston

    Planning to go up to Boston for the re-start of the Volvo race - any recommendations for a convenient, high end hotel? Walking distance to all the action would be preferable. Thanks
  2. Bayrat

    Sailing in the Turks and Caicos....

    headed down for 4 days of rest and relaxation in April - would like to try to charter a boat for an afternoon. any thoughts or recommendations? thanks in advance! B)
  3. Bayrat

    refinishing a carbon rig

    thinking of refinishing the carbon rig on the melges 24, currently white. anyone done it before and have any tips? thanks in advance...
  4. Bayrat

    Annapolis - Newport Race

    Naptown - Newport Race
  5. Bayrat


    Anyone using it? Paraloc
  6. Bayrat

    Downhaul setup

    Anyone have a few pics of the downhaul setup on a 40.7 or similar boat? We're replacing the setup on a C&C115 and want to go with a similar arrangement. Thanks for the help!
  7. Bayrat

    New Orleans Sailing

    Set Sail New Orleans has a rich history of sailboat racing and is proven training ground for champions in the sport   By Troy Gilbert Carter Christopher walked down a pier at West End's Orleans Marina, anticipating the evening's wind and water conditions before he stepped aboard a 34-foot...
  8. Bayrat

    Annapolis, MD

    Accepted a job in Annapolis today, so looking for a place to live. Anyone have any contacts or suggestions? Thanks!
  9. Bayrat

    New STD strain in New Orleans

    New STD strain appears in New Orleans... The Center for Disease Control has issued a warning about a new virulent strain of Stupid Transmitted Disease in New Orleans. The disease is contracted through ignorance coupled with dangerous and high-risk behavior. The disease is called Gonorrhea...
  10. Bayrat

    Living in Rhode Island

    Thinking of taking a job in Portsmouth, RI and was wondering what it was like. Any anarchists wish to comment? (Other than it being cold as shit in the winter) Thanks!
  11. Bayrat

    Moving to Charleston

    Ok, finally biting the bullet and moving to Charleston, SC. Almost a year since Katrina and not much has changed down here, so time to move on. I plan to move up there this month, and am looking for a job in the marine/sailing industry. If anyone has any contacts or good suggestions, please pass...
  12. Bayrat

    Beneteau 40.7 polars

    Looking for a polar diagram for a shoal draft Beneteau 40.7 - anybody have that? Thanks! LunAmi' Beneteau First 40.7 USA 474
  13. Bayrat

    Small, lightweight generators

    Looking to put a small generator on board our new Beneteau 40.7. What are the best models to consider? On the last boat, which was a J/130, we had an Entec West 4.2kw and it worked ok, but I am considering other options and would like to know what else is worth looking at. Just needs to be able...
  14. Bayrat

    The new boat!!!

    Sign the papers tomorrow! Sailing is coming back down here in Katrina country...
  15. Bayrat

    Boat Names...

    Anyone have a good resource for boat names? We just bought a new Beneteau 40.7 and are looking for a good name. Any particular website that you use? Thanks!
  16. Bayrat

    Jackson Cup @ Boston Yacht Club

    In ideal wind conditions all week-end, the Southern Yacht Club, New Orleans, LA, lead by inspirational Commodore Corky Potts took 13 races to win the 2006 Jackson Cup Invitational Team Race Regatta hosted annually by Boston Yacht Club, Marblehead, Massachusetts. Traveling the farthest, Southern...
  17. Bayrat

    Jackson Cup @ Boston YC

    Any Anarchists going?
  18. Bayrat

    Article on Southern Yacht Club

    Blaze & Glory BY: LEE CUTRONE Downed by water, wind and fire, the Southern Yacht Club charts its future Only a few events in the 157-year history of the Southern Yacht Club, among them wars and hurricanes, have managed to put a temporary stop to its definitive purpose – sailing. Pleasure...
  19. Bayrat

    Pacific Life Yacht Club Challenge

    Anyone find any results?
  20. Bayrat

    Etchells Midwinter Series

    Heading down to sail in the Etchells Midwinters Series at Biscayne Bay YC this weekend - any other anarchists going? Etchells Midwinter Series