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  1. Loose Cannon

    Sprint mk1 flip from front page

    Anyone have the details on the upside down sprint on the front page?  Looks like it did a wheelie and went over backwards...
  2. Loose Cannon

    The Highlands Fling a multihull classic in the making

    Atlantic Highlands NJ around sandy hook, down to Manasquan, left turn to Block Island We have F50 boats in NYC June 21-2, the Gotham Multihull Regatta 4th of July weekend, then the Highlands Fling July 13th weekend. How do we turn on the hype engine...
  3. Loose Cannon

    Oatley COR This just in... Oops - just saw the other one - please enjoy your day.
  4. Loose Cannon

    Virtual VOR Game

    Seeing as SA were the largest team in the last virtual VOR how are we going to instruct, harass and otherwise entertain each other while losing sleep for the next 9 months? The Beta practice opens tomorrow, and there is Facebook integration and Tweeting this time around.

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