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  1. PL3

    Development of activity on SA

    Cool or Homo? Post the metrics!
  2. PL3

    The oldest beachcat regatta

    Roton Point 63rd annual 9/17
  3. PL3

    caption contest

    Cool or Homo?
  4. PL3

    Old Forum or New Forum

    This place sucks! original member #368 gone
  5. PL3

    New SA look after website overhaul

    I'd love to see the stats, seems like a lot fewer posters
  6. PL3

    software upgrade update

    Original member #365, this sucks! I'm gone
  7. PL3

    Motorcycle Threads

    I'm on my 3rd Zero, S, SR, SRS. 7 years, 30000+ miles. Total maintenance: $140 for a rear tire.  110 HP, 140 lb. torque, 0-60: 3.2, fuel 1 cent a mile.  Nothing else like it!
  8. PL3

    C-Class Little Cup news

    Steve Clark
  9. PL3

    Highest speed logged under sail

    26.7 c class cat 49.5 ice surfer 76.4 nite iceboat
  10. PL3

    Motorbikes you dream owning someday anarchy

    Carbon belt, but with 140 ft/lb of torque they break a lot.
  11. PL3

    Motorbikes you dream owning someday anarchy

    My 3rd Zero
  12. PL3

    Solo & Looking for an R2AK Boat!

    25′ cat – Sailing Anarchy
  13. PL3

    A big project!

    How did the original builders do all this without a Hole Hawg and all the other first class power tools that Leo has at his disposal???
  14. PL3

    C-Class Little Cup news

    Check "" classified for the best deal ever on a C.
  15. PL3

    The 2020 Motorcycle Thread

    No gas for over 20,000 miles, my second Zero, massive torque! 0-60 in 3.2. bye bye literbikes.
  16. PL3

    Iceboats from the FP

    Fucking outrageous apparent wind, lowers C/E
  17. PL3

    The Longest Running Beachcar Regatta ever...

    Looks like a great party!
  18. PL3

    What cat is this?

    David Hubbard: "floating lawn furniture""
  19. PL3

    Caribbean Racing Season 2018-19

    The HR is back strong, a new SMYC multihull regatta is on, Feb 8 -10. Sint Maarten is looking much better, Saint Martin, not so much. If it rains and it's still the mozzies are still there.

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