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    Franck Cammas injured at sea Apparently went overboard and got a cut from a rudder or foil. Seriously enough to be evacuated by helicopter.

    IMOCA one design, but not really Discuss...

    Kuka Light - Less is More

    Hi all, Decided to start a thread to share some info and find out what kind of response the boat is finding in the Forums. One of the is that we are going to be presenting the boat in a few venues in the off season. First off is a short presentation at METS 2012 where Mitch Booth, multihull...

    METS 2012 - who is going to be there

    Anarchists, Mr. Clean has already made clear that he'll be walking the halls of the RAI in Amsterdam next week. Who else will be around at this years event? We will exhibit in stand EL.25 on the cross over between the two sides of the show. This is the location of the Composites Pavilion...

    Miami Nassau

    Hi all, I just got this in my email, and thought that was too small an audience. Doug --- Greetings all. Just fielded a call from one Steve Perry on behalf of the organizers of the Miami Nassau Race. Steve advises that this race is offering a DH class for the 180 odd miles race across the...


    This from VS: Mark Turner (Extreme 40 Series), is in Cartagena talking to all the TP52 teams. We hear he's the new CEO of America's Cup Race Management. I think that would be major news, and one would have to believe EITHER the European cup rumor OR the...

    Really light winds and THE SHOT

    Voiles et Voiliers was reporting on incredible speeds at more than 4x the TWS. I am not so sure I believe it, but it impressed them... link Also VS has the shot now. Two boats in one frame. VS

    iShares Cup in Amsterdam

    REPOSTED "The iShares Cup races will then take place every afternoon from Friday, 25th-Sunday, 27th September from 2:00pm (me: that is 14:00 local or 8:00 am East Coast USA), with up to eight short, sharp races a day." Teams (Skipper) - BT (Nick Moloney) Ecover (Mike Golding) Gitana...

    iShares racing in Amsterdam

    Hey all, The Ed and Clean have set me up with press creds, so I am going to do what I can to bring the iShares racing home to you. This is going to take place in this thread, with (many) pics and text and links to video (I hope). Racing begins next Friday, and I plan to be at the event all...

    Can Knut put the nail in the coffin?

    I found it quite a strong move to lay claim to 2011 by VOR management. Next up, don't be surprised to hear a series of off season "events" or "ACTS" with the VO70's in an effort to build even more continuity. So here is an idea, remake the NOR to include a stop in NZ, in order to put the old...

    Deal! where is RC in this, or LE? will be fun to hear the Ehman response!

    How to avoid racing multis;oref=slogin Geneva? coincidence?

    Match racing - survey

    I have seen a lot of boats designed around match racing as a concept, but I am not entirely sure many people do that with the boats.

    Case Study Class 40

    At the risk of being flamed, I am starting a thread on my own design. Mainly, I wanted to see if the images could be posted with a bit more clarity. Here goes: Fig 1 from Part 1 Fig 2 from Part 1

    Rams post Melbourne...

    I read this bit from the oh-so-informative VOR site "Cayard revealed the titanium keel rams which broke during the second leg, inhibiting their keel’s ability to cant fully, have been replaced with a stainless steel set. It is similar to the measure carried out by movistar, who also suffered...

    Alu Core in Oracle deck

    Scot, I think the current writing of the AC rule prevents teams from using metal cores in the deck shell. Still fair game for the hull though. If you got that right on the front page, it would mean Oracle found some loophole. D

    Full Pelt Rig

    Ok, what are the anarchists' takes on the "jumper" config on Full Pelt. Looks to me like a shroud that runs all the way from the cathedral strut to the deck. That has got to be an aerodynamic drag problem. Never seen anything like it, you? D

    History Lesson

    I thought this was pretty cool. has diagrams of the cup challengers and defenders. Seems like nobody even took a single RACE off the NYYC defender for about 70 years. Damn. Anyway, seems like sweeps are the MO, and nothing new. D

    Transat leaderboard

    Hey, Anybody else find it interesting that by means of boatspeed and/or toughness, Owen-Clarkes' boats have risen to the top in this race? I am sure they would prefer to best the Farr, Finot, Lombard, and ... designs head to head...

    Ocean Planet

    No disrespect to Bruce Schwab, but is he really the only American racing in the 2004 Vendee Globe? What about Kip Stone in his new 50? D

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