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    optimist, niece wants to sail.

    Sorry for rumbling post. I’m in process of gaining information, and in best traditions of the World Wide Web I decided to ask first and do research later. i have a niece, 8 yo athletic girl (state champion in gymnastics) tiny, smart, strong, fast, competitive.  she has spent last summer...
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    CrazyProa. The flame suit is on.

    Hey, people. I'm a veteran of Watertribe races. I completed 2 1200 Ultimate Florida challenges and number of other events. I'm a lurker here, although I seldom contribute. I promise tits for donations. In 2014 I built sailing proa, very light weight, apps 100 lbs, all wood and carbon, to take...
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    Leeward from the front page

    English is my second language, so I lost the guy here Quote: So, when it comes to the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS for short) even though the book is very long, the basic concept is quite simple; don’t hit another boat! And unless you are about to pass a mark, the rules are pretty simple. A...
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    Russian NAVY found an abounded sailboat

    Bavaria 32. Norway flag. Broken rudder. Bermuda triangle. owner Gunnar Egil Myhre Somebody may be looking for the guy. Video is here I'm guilty of posting the info on cruisersforum first. Lesson learned. Hi there, I deleted the...
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    Watertribe Everglades Challenge 2011 has started

    Unsurprisingly it is a Battle between Tornado team "Bumpy(aka Jamie Livingston)and MachoMan (aka Kenny Pierce)" and Randy Smyth on his trimaran (Sewsew). There are also two Weta trimarans, two Hobie 18, bunch of Hobie Adventure Islands, and a few homebuilt boats. In class 4 (sailing monohulls)...