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    1000 Milles Des Sables

    Well done to all competitors. One to watch I think will be  Sam Goodchild  on All in for the Rhum.Talk about close. Pos Name Handicap Start time Last pos received DTF Dist sailed VMG...
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    WTF are they on . The fellas in the two world wars gave there lives for us and they played football in no mans land. FIFA are fucking corrupt wankers and shitbags. FIFA FUCK OFF.
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    KL 28

    Hi any one with a KL 28 or CDK 28 . Would like to here from anyone who sails either. My next question, would they be good for foiling in a breeze. Cheers.
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    IRC Mini Transat

    How do Mini Transat's rate under IRC ?
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    Minis in UK

    Hi what is the state of play in the UK at the moment for UK Minis ? Is there a fleet that race ? If so where . Are ther any being built on the south coast . I am really interested to have a go. If I like , I will by an old one and do up , or build new. Any Feed back would be appreciated. I...
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    Cowes Week
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    Warning Points

    What are warning points ? how do you get them , how many can you have ?I dont like zero.
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    30 foot

    Which 30 foot would you go for ? carabelli30, Soto 30 ? If there are more and faster let us now .Thanks.
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    Record Smashed

    Round the Isle of Wight Record smashed MOD Foncia 2 hrs 21 m 25 s AMAZING .Well done guys.
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    Oz on top nice and well deserved. UK disapointing? I would say yes .
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    Elliot 6 ss

    What is the Elliot 6 ss like to race , fast slow ? Anybody have any video's of one sailing. They look a hoot to sail.
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    RS 400

    Thinking of buying a RS 400 second hand to sail with me boy for a bit of fun at club and open level. What are they like to sail? I will try and get a ride before buying. Whats to look out for etc. Thanks.
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    What is the current record time and who holds it?
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    New Suit

    Hi Its not paint it's a vinyl wrap!/photo.php?fbid=354660734596038&set=a.13621 .Does look nice
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    Europa Warmup

    Thought this might be of interest. Europa warmup before the Vendee.
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    VOR Music

    Its Friday and a lot of the crews must be hacked right now and some that aren't . SO what would you play on your Ipod.My four would be ; AC DC Thunderstruck Sufing down the troughs Radiohead Street Spirit (fade out) Sunset The Who, Won't Get Fooled Again When it...
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    VOR Leg 5

    Who do you fancy to take the leg ,im going for Abu
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    Extreme 40

    COWES will not host Extreme 40 yacht racing this year, it has been reported. As revealed by the County Press in December, organisers of the popular race series had received offers from two other UK venues to host the event, which has been part of Cowes Week since 2007. The Sunday Telegraph and...
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    Bad Deliveries
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    Cameron Good or bad call.I think it was a good call as the UK is not in the Euro .The days of have your pie and eat it are over. Is it the start of the collapse of the Euro.Will be intresting for those who have signed up to see what they make of it when the shitfight has settled .One thing that...