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    watch Bermuda all day for free

    If you are not an AC  freak and don't go to that thread but want to see whats going on in the Harbour and see the boats go to " PtZ Port Bermuda webcam "   .....  fun to watch.
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    All of Trump's ideas come from television

    It became obvious when I watched Canadian Bacon the other night. It is Trump and his intellectuals on parade. And then there is SouthPark and the segment called Blame Canada. Priceless. Surely you are all ashamed to be manipulated by this cretin. And your media is pathetic in...
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    Blithering Brian Hancock

    Yes sailing is broken. Blithering about AC or VOR or California weirdos makes for fun reading of stuff from a weird dude who thinks that crap is sailing. Sorry suckup master. Sailing is Clubs with kids and members that grow old and die and need to be replaced constantly. Your...
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    FP hot latin ladies to date

    I guess it was inevitable. Ed is selling his Melges 32 that he got on the backs of the members of this website. Now, as his kids need college money he has decided to start taking adverts for selling stereotypical sex. This is normally a disgraceful activity for any decent human...
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    Gokstad ship 500 AD...the bottom looks pretty modern

    Google this ship and look at the pics. Especially the one straight on. The bottom looks like a modern sport boat surfer. I thought Bob P said naval architecture had advanced. Put a carbon fibre rig in this and surf with the TP 52's.