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    DC Innerview

    Dennis - you have a reputation as a tinkerer - trying lots of different things to squeak out speed in a boat. Assuming that just purchased a boat, new or used, what process would you go about to see where speed gains could be made on the boat? What are you looking at in terms of hull, rig...
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    Charleston Race Week - Day 2

    So its snowing in Seattle today I have the 2007 LV Cup finals re-playing on the tube (NZ v. Luna Rossa) and the laptop on with Clean's updates. Talk about vicarious sailing. Thanks for the solid on the water work. Freezing on the left coast....
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    Seattle NOOD

    In years past in other locations the NOODs have had both one design and PHRF classes. Does anyone know if Seattle will also have PHRF? Also, does anyone know who the contact person would be for trying to set up a level fleet (i.e a level 30 fleet) for the Seattle NOODs? Many thanks.
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    I'm sure there's a reason no one does this

    Thirty foot masthead sloop, double inline spreaders. 153 genoa really starting to bag out at the top, point of max draft has slid to 55 or 60 percent aft. Bottom two thirds of the sail still has nice shape, its just the top that is ugly. Mylar and carbon scrim sail. Three years old, bunch...
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    Slippery Winches

    Our old boat has old Barient 40 primaries. The drums are worn down so smooth that a loaded genoa sheet does not grip well. Tried a variety of different lines for genoa sheets with no improvement - in even moderate breeze trimmers need too many wraps to keep the sheet from slipping. This is...
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    whidbey is race week

    A big thanks to Aussie Rules (aka Pussie Rules), Manta Ray and more than a few other boats for the tow services and offers to tow on Wed, Thurs and Fri after we busted our prop. Fine folks all the way around. Was concerned that missing part of our prop would improve speed and point but was...
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    Depthsounder Noise

    Depthsounder works fine and will read to over 300 feet. We have had the noise issue with two different brands of handhelf vhs radios so its not the radio. Will check all the cable from the transducer back to see if there is some shielding missing/worn somewhere. Many thanks.
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    Depthsounder Noise

    Old signet smartpac instruments, depth transducer thru hole 2' forward of the keel. On both the fixed vhf and handheld vhf you get repeating static as the depthsounder sends its signal out, so every 1 second or so a blast of static on the vhf. Can't really squelch it out without drowning out...
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    Whidbey Island Race Week

    Gong show: Yes the right coast boys will be back. Never seem to get the meds quite right but still trying. Come on out, git yourself some! Oh - our ass was shattered long before we met the Canadians.
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    Whidbey Island Race Week

    This road has been travelled many times, but the rational behind the level 30 boats is one of size, displaceent and similar performance in a wide range of conditions. Try as they might, PHRF ratings do not accurately address this issue. The J-27, Laser 28 etc have similar ratings yes, but the...
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    Whidbey Island Race Week

    Lets be clear - Shattered did not post that comment. Back to the task at hand - contact me if you are interested in the racing.
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    Whidbey Island Race Week

    Whidbey Island Race Week (Oak Harbor, WA) is a month and a half away (July 22-27). The P-30 Fleet, comprised of the S2 9.1, Olson 911, and Santana 30-30pc is looking for boats to come and race level at WIRW. If you have a P-30 boat or a J-30, put a crew together and join the fleet. Level...
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    storing mainsail on boom

    On our 30-30 (pc version) we have a dacron main for beer can racing and a laminate for regattas. We roll both sails by folding the main back over the boom and starting the roll at the first draft stripe. On the dacron main we roll with the battons in the sail because we are lazy. But with the...
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    Rules Question

    Thanks again to all for the postings. Although there are a number of options from a boat handling perspective to avoid this situation (heading up, gybe first etc) I think that the most important point shared by several was to be more aware of the other boat. That day we clearly were not aware...
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    Rules Question

    It also occurs to me that one more defensive tactic, given the proximity of the leeward mark, would have been for us to gybe onto port before P reached us, attempting to lead into the mark with inside position. Even if P established a leeward overlap he would have been constrained by 17.2 from...
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    Rules Question

    Bastages indeed! But they are good folks and took us to school on that. More power to 'em.
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    Rules Question

    Good debate. Deja vu for me as this conversation was occuring on the boat and all the while the leeward mark was getting bigger in the window. To follow up a couple of points that I did not make clear in my initial thread, as P passed behind us he had built significant speed from heading up...
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    Rules Question

    This is pretty much the same dialoge occuring on the boat, with a few more f-bombs thrown in for color. All the while we are getting closer to the next mark so if we are going to do turns we need to do them now. So I ended the debate, did the turns and went on. I actually did not go through...
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    Rules Question

    Two 30 foot boats sailing downwind on opposite gybes and converging appx 200 yards from leeward turning mark. Both are sailing deep such that the angle between the respective courses is no more than 10-15 degrees. Approx. 5 boatlengths from each other port heads up, passes astern of stbd and...
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    Race Day 1

    Not that you don't have your hands full, but I will lobby for some updates on the J-24 class (18 boats?). First CRW I have missed in 5 years - have some friends in that class. Thanks for the efforts!