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    New Comedy Boat for 2020

    Hey SA'ers, Our YC is looking to replace our old PennYan committee boat. It has served us well over the last 30 years but after a multitude of replaced engines, fuel issues and countless hours it's time to upgrade.  We sail out of Wayzata YC on Lake Minntonka.  Curious what other clubs, venues...
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    Anarchists in Chucktown

    Who's going to Chucktown?  whatcha' racing - team SA cocktails somewhere?
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    Boat is at Davis Island YC storage spot # 40 available for Feb DIYC event, St. Pete NOOD, Bacardi Cup, possible Mid-Winters 2014 North Practice sails  2018 North Race sails Race Master compass Pro-start 3.0 Nissan motor New Line Package Retractable spin bag Raptor Deck Keel Down Trailer and...
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    il mostro attempting chi-mac speed run record

    Just got a post that il  mostro took off from Chicago about an hour ago attempting to set the record run to Mac island you can out the Il mostro racing FB page  
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    2017 Transuperior Race

    Getting ready to head out for the 2017 edition of the Trans... calling weather gurus, any weather insights greatly appreciated.  Routing experts chime in! Race starts Aug 5 1300EDT Tracking here
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    Melges 32 Gold Cup

    ok SA'ers am I missing something, where is all the coverage of the M32 Gold Cup?
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    Rolex Housing

    Hey SA crew- I'm trying to get a hold of Poop- I've sent him a couple PM's. My wife's team is headed out to Rochester for the Rolex, we are hoping for some housing help- If anyone has any leads or Poop's # can you please PM it to me- Thanks all Weez
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    St. Maarten Heineken Regatta

    we are putting together a team for the Heineken- any one know of decent housing for 8-10 people? PM me Thanks, weez
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    ligtning strikes

    Ok- so our alustrious PRO sends us out for our usual Sunday Champ races, as we leave the dock there is a huge anvil head T storm off in the distance. We get off the line in very light WNW and drift up to the 1st mark. as the T storm moves well to north of us we keep on racing. After about 30...
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    Quick J22 NA vid clip

    The good Rev finally got the trailer up, I think the the full length is not far away- some other clips from HeadInjury Media peace out- weez
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    WTF is this

    this of course appeared in SA long ago....
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    Real Time Snail Trails

    Hey guys- I thought the Anarchists would dig this- Our Buddy Steve O and Tommie V have come up with a super cool mini gps tracking program called They are running a beta program at our yacht club on our thursday night beer cans. Steve O has been...
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    South Beach condo for rent in March

    We have a condo for the month of March- there is availability for March 1-7th March 13-31st   The location is the best because it's right above the yacht club.   Please let me know if your interested, pm me or leave message here at SA. [email protected]   thanks,   weez
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    San Diego weekend sailing?

    Hey, I'm going to be in Dago for some work shizzle from the 18th -20 of Jan. I was thinking of staying for the weekend if I can find a ride.. I have TONS of experience from big boats to skiffs... from bow to driving Mumm, Melges, J boats, Big Boats, lasers, match racing, fleet racing...
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    speed junkies or from the site
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    think ice

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    "sail the cloth"

    looking for that classic video of the jackass yellign at his crew, then the now famous line "sail the cloth".. peace out weez
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    In the name of science

    Thanks for writing in, I like most of the Anarchists would love to see more pics and any other information you can post. So is my understadning that you guys just have to hang in your lat / long for two solid months running experiments, wow hope no one has a sqeemuish stomach. Can you divuldge...
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    Iraq mess claims another Soldier

    All, Bryan was a C Scow Sailor from the Pelican Lake Yacht Club. Thought you’d like to know. U.S. soldier killed by roadside bomb north of Baghdad; Minnesota Marine's death confirmed Associated Press July 25, 2005 IRAQ0726 BAGHDAD, Iraq -— A U.S. soldier was killed today when a roadside...
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    Coutts cheaten bastard

    I've got to ask, what on Gods earth is Coutts thinking? does he have absolutly no regard for any of his actions.... maybe rule 69 should be come into effect. What do the rest of you think?