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    CFD modelling - skiff

    It was worth a try anyway!
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    CFD modelling - skiff

    Can I have it? :)
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    Age of a Rondar 420?

    I sailed 47995 for a while and I think it was a 1995/96 boat.
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    I'd like to formally announce that this boat will transform the sport of sailing. In six months every starving child in Africa will have one and all wars will end. Congratulations
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    Electronic Foil Control Systems.

    The cavitation number on flow over a moth foil is too low for cavitation to be an issue. You are talking around 40 knots before it is an issue. The bulb helps structure but can also help reduce junction drag if you do it right.
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    Electronic Foil Control Systems.

    If it is just stored energy that is the problem does that mean you are'nt allowed shock chord?! How about having a wind up power system with little crank arm you wind up before you get to the start? Same deal as stretching a bit of elastic, you are just using the energy in a cleverer way.
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    Electronic Foil Control Systems.

    You don't get the accuracy from an accelerometer unless you spend 10 grand pluss on the unit and have some very fancy filters. Integrating the output twice would basically give you garbage.
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    Assassin moth price jump

    I would post it but I'd rather let John do that as its the result of all his hard work. As regards the struts on the foils I had the same issue on my old prowler but the vertical sections were changed a while ago now and it is not nearly as bad anymore. Comparable to a BR in terms of...
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    Assassin moth price jump

    Fastacraft? New foils right? Who has them? Whats the scoop, I have not heard anything. I have new Fastacraft foils on order due to arrive in the next month or so. This is the first batch but the CAD I have seen looks good at least! I believe John has had some backup from an Aero designer in...
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    Assassin moth price jump

    Or it could be that they have just realised how much it actually costs to build moths. Get your orders in now, you havent got long!
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    Manual Altitude Control vs Wand

    Please dont quote doug, i'm ignoring him and this way he slips through the net. I just log in to read all the insults and see how long it takes me to work out what the theme of his latest rant is about.
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    Tomahawk: Peoples Foiler?!

    I know its out of context but i find this line funny all the same.
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    Tomahawk: Peoples Foiler?!

    Fair point :) . I definitely cant come but but i'd put up some cash even to see a video/photo of him sailing.
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    Tomahawk: Peoples Foiler?!

    Can we organise a 'get Doug sailing' fund. I'm sure the IMCA committee wouldn't mind diverting a few dollars of everyone's worlds entry fee into a Doug prize fund! Lets see how much money it takes for him to turn up!! I'm only sorry I won't be there to witness it/ not witness it.
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    CST Composites 2008 International Moth World Championships

    Whilst i am not in any way the biggest supporter of WPNSA your comments are totally unfair. You arrived on saturday, the day after the moths had finished so when you entered the boatpark you would expect to see people packing up and others arriving the for the next event. I was there, the...
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    Peoples Foiler?

    Please don't quote the knob face, i and many others have chosen to ignore him. All we want to read is the highly entertaining abuse.
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    New Foiler

    Sorry doug didnt catch that! :lol:
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    Moth sailing

    I have a friend who recently joined the RAF and has taken to using 'woof woof' in conversation. I think that gives reason for some concern, either that or he just didnt get blackadder.
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    How to Ignore Doug Lord

    Ha thats genius, Doug is obviously "starting" to crack. He is posting on a thread that is about ignoring him. This really plumbs new depths in the effort to make a tit of himself. No body read your post doug because we are ignoring you. P.S keep this thread high up the list we need to make sure...