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    new stuff in the a-class

    I am wondering if any A class sailor tried to raise their daggerboards up (say 10-15 cms) while sailing upwind in fully powered up conditions? Impact on slippage? righting moment?
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    new stuff in the a-class

    I would like to know what the people who have the deck cover « progrip » which is proposed by DNA, think about this cover. Is it a good gripping surface when on trapeze and is it robust ? Does it tend to peel off with time / use? Is it easily applied by anyone?
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    new stuff in the a-class

    When I read these posts about the A class, I clearly see that there are 2 types of sailors: the developers and the racers. I fully understand how somebody could be passionate about making an A class fly and all the fun that goes with it. However the racer will object that there is no point in...

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