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    Rushour on its roof.

    Actually, rereading the Rushhour account. I know of atleast two other multis where the jib alone has been the cause of the boat going over. It’s surprising how much affect on bringing the boat back from the brink easing that little fucker  up front makes. But it most certainly does.  As for...
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    Rushour on its roof.

    I guess it’s a bit like having a low powered motorbike and a 200 hp weapon. You can wind that throttle on hard without too much threat of losing control if there’s not much power but a little whoopsy on the powerful bike can end in tears.   Anyone can get powerful cars, boats or bikes but on...
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    Rushour on its roof.

    Bummer, but maybe not too much damage to mast head and not too much water ingress and good all well of course.  Always interested in how the rerighting was managed and lessons learnt. Especially on a bigger boat such as this. And in shallow water.  I still wonder if a small aero capsule (maybe...

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