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  1. jpsail

    SF Soto 30 Gentoo

    Saw you were out in the CYC mid-winters on Saturday but not out Sunday. It looks like you beat the faster-rated C&C 30 by about 30 seconds. How did you feel you matched against them boat-to-boat upwind and down in the 20+ we had on the Bay then?
  2. jpsail

    Rating impact of having Asyms and Symmetrics

    We optimized for IRC for the entire 2010 season. The Bermuda race was the centerpiece of that season but not our only race. Given what has happened with IRC, I'm not sure I would make the same choice today. Also, the Bermuda Race is dual scored and racing IRC as well as ORR gave us the...
  3. jpsail

    Rating impact of having Asyms and Symmetrics

    We made modifications of this type for the 2010 Bermuda race on a Bene First 44.7. Our program optimized for IRC and didn't focus on the ORR or PHRF impact. We reduced the size of our largest upwind head sail from 155% to 145%, installed a 4' sprit and added A-sails, the largest of which was...
  4. jpsail

    SA Classifieds

    The ads are reasonably priced and get you a surprising amount of exposure. I sold two boats after advertising on SA. While I don't think either purchaser got his first exposure to the boat he purchased from the SA ad, overall interest in each boat seemed to increase measurably after the ads...
  5. jpsail

    Bermuda Predictions

    I am probably displaying bias (and premature nostalgia) as I owned one until one month ago and I am sitting out this year's Bermuda Race, but for the money, it is hard to beat the Bene First 44.7. With its hull design and sail plan, it reaches very well against its rating. We had good success...
  6. jpsail

    Italian cruise ship tragedy

    @BorowitzReport: Citing Safety Concerns, Somali Pirates Refuse to Board Cruise Ships. Twisted but funny.
  7. jpsail

    Schock 40 opinions

    Sorry to hijack the thread but I love the Leverage video because of the memories it evokes from that very hairy 2010 Vineyard race and watching Leverage plane by. Wes, did you shoot more clips from that race and are any posted on Youtube? The picture of Arbella below was taken in the same race...
  8. jpsail

    Newport-Bermuda 2012

    Not too late to buy a turn-key Bermuda program.
  9. jpsail

    Italian cruise ship tragedy

    He wasn't confused - I was confused. That is the bow (otherwise known as the pointy end) facing south.
  10. jpsail

    Italian cruise ship tragedy

    Just trying to catch up on this and have looked a lots of pics this AM. The first appears to be while Costa Concordia was still heading north from the Telegraph. Is this consistent with the "fly-by" theory as the ship is listing slightly but has not yet capsized? The second is a Google Earth...
  11. jpsail

    Brewer's Yacht Haven officially demolished

    There is room but you will be way out (in Rambler country when she is there).
  12. jpsail

    Morning Light alumni

    Wes, do you know what happened to the boat?
  13. jpsail

    Newport-Bermuda 2012

    NOR is up as of 12/2/2011. Time to start planning. Who is in?
  14. jpsail

    First sailboat for first time sailor

    +1, even 45 years later, it is a nice boat for a beginner, there are lots around and there is a big community of people who knows what it takes to keep them sailing and competing!! This one is ugly, beat up and overpriced, but you'll get the idea.
  15. jpsail

    College Sailing

    I'm surprised it took 3 whole minutes for that reply............ :lol: :rolleyes: :P
  16. jpsail

    Need a Great Bowman in San Fran? Check this..

    I would love to keep her in CT in 2012 and sail the Bermuda Race but I already know that I will be completely immersed in a big project throughout the first half of 2012 and will have no time to prepare or to sail in the race. That's really too bad because we had a great time in 2010. (Post...
  17. jpsail

    Need a Great Bowman in San Fran? Check this..

    Thanks DB. There will be an Arbella program on SF Bay in 2013 so no regret either way. It is just a question of what boat. If it is the 44.7, we will need to do a lot of thinking about the sail plan. While my upwind sails have been Doyle and I've generally been happy with them, I worked with...
  18. jpsail

    Need a Great Bowman in San Fran? Check this..

    Adam would like Arbella to come west as he thinks she would be a good TransPac or Pac Cup boat. We have her rigged for the Bermuda Race and other east coast distance racing, however, and the plan of record is to sell her this fall/winter to someone who wants a relatively low cost, turn-key...
  19. jpsail


    Arbella is in -- I'm coming back from CA to sail in my (and maybe her) last LIS race. She is still available through McMichael's for anyone who wants a near turn-key Bermuda program for 2012. She's probably the least expensive option to be competitive in that race, particularly in IRC...
  20. jpsail

    Vineyard 2011

    Thanks John.