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  1. FastHolder20

    Toyota Prius

    They produce too much smug.
  2. FastHolder20

    Bad news at Reno air show....

    I saw a crash in 1987 at an air show in Mammoth Mountain. The plane crashed about 100 yards from us. I was 13 or so and I will never ever forget it. I can only imagine what some of these people are going through right now.
  3. FastHolder20

    Viagra, booze, blown out headlight and a Stipper? Oh my!

    Someone has some explaining to do! My link
  4. FastHolder20

    Sneaky Gov Scott

    Congratulations on your car choice. Just thought I'd let you know that your car typically sits at number 2 or 3 of EVERY "Top Ten Douchebag Cars" list. "The BMW 3 Series, or almost anything BMW is a revered car amongst all douchebags. Commonly referred to as the “Bimmer” or “Beemer” it is...
  5. FastHolder20

    ryan dunn deader than shit?

    This was not the only time he drove drunk and not the first car he has crashed. His friends called it........
  6. FastHolder20

    California finds

    So then why were you happy that Bin Laden was put to death?
  7. FastHolder20

    California finds

    Who should be dealing out the death penalty?
  8. FastHolder20

    California finds

    Bull Gator, should anyone deserve the chance to appeal a death sentence?
  9. FastHolder20

    California finds

    And how do you personally know someone is innocent? So your not for the death penalty where someone gets a trial buy peers or a judge but you are for killing people that you deem should be taken out? I wonder what reasonable would think about that?
  10. FastHolder20

    California finds

    So do you support the death penalty?
  11. FastHolder20

    Dem Senate send a shot accross big oil

    Maybe he meant baby oil? Could it be a Rep. Weiner reference? Wasn't he covered in oil in one of his pictures?
  12. FastHolder20

    Obama got Bin Laden

    My partisan nature? That's rich coming from you. Obama has never killed anyone. He has people do it for him.
  13. FastHolder20

    Obama got Bin Laden

    Obama did not get Bin Laden.
  14. FastHolder20

    Funny How Disaster Turns Republicans Into Socialists

    Funny how the smallest tragedy is used for political gain by either party.
  15. FastHolder20

    Britol Palin in the White House

    +1 to every regular of SA!
  16. FastHolder20

    Tropical Storm???

    Is this a tip of the the hat for Obama or not?
  17. FastHolder20

    Trump leads GOP Field

    HAHAHAHA thats the quote of the day! I'd buy the bumper sticker.
  18. FastHolder20

    Obama brokers a deal

    Raw Raw he's our man, if he can't do it no on can! GOOoooooooooooooo Obama!
  19. FastHolder20

    Best Sports Boat?

    Let me get my popcorn. This should be good.