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  1. WoobaGooba

    Fire at Matapoisette Boatyard

    You must be talking about Jamestown Boat Yard?
  2. WoobaGooba

    CBS News article on community sailing program in Vermont

    Great story. A crewmate used to work at the Vermont program. Reminds me of the work ongoing at Courageous Sailing in Boston ... Harry McDonough's legacy lives on ... thank you Harry. From Boston Globe 1990...
  3. WoobaGooba

    What's at stake with NBR Misconduct rule 69?

    Yeah ... nah. I know too many older sailors with polio troubles. Now back to our table tosser heading to destination f.cked.
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    Deckvest 5d service life?

    I've got a 6 year old 5D that will be getting a new Hammer and pylon light if I decide to keep it.   Never used in anger, test fired only once.  Is it time to be looking at a Vito?
  5. WoobaGooba

    Garmin buys Vesper

    Vesper had outstanding support a few years back.  I'm in the middle of an XB6000 sw upgrade (now dished from Garmin support) ... its not going well.   Several issues a) I'm as dumb as a bag of hammers b) the support instructions are poor c) and the image they direct to be installed contains a...
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    Bermuda Race Insurance Rider

    +1 on Berkley
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    Head lamp for offshore ... what's the latest/greatest kit?

    Time for an upgrade.
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    Soapstone sink repair

    Agreed, I will probably go the GFlex route.
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    Prop Shaft Strut. Repairable?

    I had to replace my strut a few years back (80's era Cal).  I got VERY lucky in being able to contact the original contractor who still had the molds and cast me a new strut. 
  10. WoobaGooba

    Soapstone sink repair

    I've got a soapstone sink that is starting to leak at the seams, edge chipping. etc.  Repair will be attempted with West 105/206 + Colloidal Silica fillets.  But I need a black tint.  What should I use?  Cheers
  11. WoobaGooba

    New Boat Search

    "Cal 33-2 water intrusion, soft cabin sole."  Meaning water had been left sitting within the cabin for some period of time?
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    3gm30F battery ground location

    Take a look here ...
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    Transport Anarchy - Newport RI to Metro West MA

    It is a race boat and the trailer is for over the road use.  Who do we like for trailer servicing in the MA / RI area?  Brakes, tires, springs, etc.
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    Transport Anarchy - Newport RI to Metro West MA

    Folks.  I've got a 6000 lb 30' boat in Newport on a trailer that is not (yet) road worthy.  The package is 10' tall and must be moved to Metro West MA.  I'm considering hiring a flat bed and loading the whole thing for transport.  I am told the road height restriction is 13'6"  On the receiving...
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    Edgartown RTI

    EYC did think so.  Any issue here is with EYC, not Read.  Rule 2?  Please.  Everyone in that class used their shorthanded rating.
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    Ideas for hull liner

    I removed my stanky old carpet and adhesive, knocked down the fiberglass sharp edges, and gelcoat-ed. 
  17. WoobaGooba

    Winter battery storage.

    Small Genasun charge controller and 50W solar panel
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    Propeller Shaft Fore/Aft play

    Not uncommon for boats to have offset struts that allow pulling the shaft w/o dropping the rudder.  Hopefully yours is setup this way.  Cheers
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    'Bulking' a halyard... best practices?

    Swapping out the cams for smaller diameter line might also be an option.  I just did that on a set of Spinlock XTS.  Replaced the 8-14s with 6-10s.  Much better for the 8-10 mm lines I run.  Cheers
  20. WoobaGooba

    how to open the mainsail leech in small winds?

    This.  1/8 dyneema.  No idea what y'all talking about flipping it windward