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    Australian Sailing

    Does the NRL audit mouth guards? Are Ice Hockey players skates audited for sharpness ? Does the AFL audit the fitment of player shorts ? Is the length of Netball players skirts audited and if so when, and can I have the job position description please ? I was so pissed off with the state of...
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    Australian Sailing

    From Sundown to Sunrise EVERY ONE races under COLREGS
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    Australian Sailing

    I saw the last "yacht club" being demolished in the La Rochelle marina in Dec 2019, to make way for more hardstand. That marina had pens for over 10,000 yachts.
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    Ceramic coating

    If you want the absolute best which has been tested and proven..and just in case, I have no skin in this game. Then you need to investigate "Nano-Ceramic Industrial Protective Coatings" at this address. then find "Market Segments" and select "Marine". 
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    Australian Sailing

    That's what 262 days of lockdown does...destroy sports and businesses.
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    Australian Sailing

    How about an EPIRB and an AIS rolled into one unit. G8 AIS Smartfind Manual EPIRB (
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    GS 44 vs Pogo 44

    As mentioned earlier apple versus orange. My preferrence is the Pogo 44 for a whole lot of reasons. I ordered mine in Novemeber 2020, the Pogo 44 was already preordered to hull #30, that made mine hull # 31, and a 3 year wait list. Had an email from a business acquaintance who saw the Pogo at...
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    Current state of handheld chartplotters / phone / tablet options

    The Maxsea Time Zero application for ipad/iphone called TZiBoat is excellent. Can use vector or raster charts with or without satellite overlay on or offline. Weather presentation in colours, particles, arrows, labels etc. etc. etc. Event creation and anchor watch. Extremely comprehensive...
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    Sydney to Hobart

    Here is a little exert from the Australian Quarantine Policy: From Centralization to Coordination with Mid-Pandemic COVID-19 Shifts It is an interesting window into the Australian psyche "Australia’s early quarantine policy adoption contrasted with colonial Britain’s abolishment of human...
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    Sydney to Hobart

    Nice little cartoon going around "Mummy, what's that on your arm?" "That's my Smallpox injection" "Why haven't I got one?" "It worked"
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    Cape 31 vs. Melges 32

    Cape is faster upwind, line ball downhill. Differences, Cape has more hull stability hence slighter better to windward, but slams more in short chop. Otherwise, both are scary fast downhill, and need crew on the transom. It depends on the sea conditions your sailing them in. Bang for your...
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    Sydney to Hobart

    Australian "Government" is an oxymoron. Our politicans are incapable of governing, because they are professional politicians. Governing is not their job, getting re-elected is. 
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    Club Marine non-insurance of live-aboard boats

    The Club Marine Pleasure Craft Insurance Target Market Determination becomes effective on 5th October 2021. To quote from page 1: The purpose of this TMD is to describe the class of customers for which the products described in the PDSs have been designed, having regard to the likely needs...
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    The yellow and red patches need a serious buffing. no wonder mould 11 was so slow.
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    Australian Sailing

    Anyone ever had a diesel engine not start? How many know how to start a 10hp+ diesel engine without a battery and without a built in de-compressor? etc., etc, etc. All propulsion options have down sides, you need to understand the limitations of the option you choose, including sails. 
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    Australian Sailing

    Do your own homework, make your own decisions.
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    Australian Sailing

    Worth noting in this latest conversation on electric propulsion is how much most of the posters DO NOT KNOW about marine electric or hybrid propulsion. I suggest you all take some time to do some homework before writing any more rubbish about a subject you obviously know nothing about. You may...
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    Navico bought for $1B by Brunswick Corp

    Navico own the brands B&G, Simrad, Lowrance, and C-Map. Is this acquisition by Brunswick Corp a good or bad thing?
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    When a penalty isn't a penalty?

    From COLREGS it doesn't get any simpler. These are the rules we all have to obey. RRS defer to COLREGS between sundown and sunup. Section II-Conduct of vessels in sight of one another Rule 11 Application Rules in this section apply to vessels in sight of one another. Rule 12...
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    what is it?

    Probably the ugliest looking stern sections I have ever seen.

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