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    new stuff in the a-class

    I thought the fundamental difference between a symetric and asymetric wing section was the polar curve shifting upwards with the Alpha 0= angle of attack for zero lift, going negative. In the range of AoA relevant for A-Cat boards, the lift curve is linear. With asymetric, you can probably (to...
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    new stuff in the a-class

    Thanks for the explanation, but I am afraid I am not a good pupil, I struggle to understand in depth So far what I understand is: by lifting the windward board you remove the frictional drag of course if it is no more in the water ... But when it comes to: in the board windward that...
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    new stuff in the a-class

    Very interesting , Please forgive ma ignorance, what does that mean: "Almost completly removing the friction due to the asymetry" ? Do you use OpenFoam to design your foils ? or other software ? Thanks in advance for your kind comments ITA 16 Best regards, Benchie

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