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  1. markvannote

    RORC Caribbean 600

    Shit, you are right. That IS the laser they have for the finish line. Taking it all back.
  2. markvannote

    RORC Caribbean 600

    Not saying they did, just dangerous speculation based on the color. All I know is the mark we look for four times is barely visible. And, last year, they did have some kind of laser beam yours sails went through at the finish.
  3. markvannote

    RORC Caribbean 600

    There is not a lot that the Phaedo team misses. That standard finish light is a bitch to find at night, after 600 miles. (Speaking from IRC 50 speeds, not approaching at 20 knots.) Looks like the team dropped their own right next to it, Hope they were sporting and kept it in for the other MOD.

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