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  1. Wess

    Rushour on its roof.

    Bruce - You are a Daz 1150 owner that races, yes?  So I get you are a been there done that kinda guy.  I will keep an open mind on the winch dismount (?) but it sure sounds dicey. Forgive a brief hijack and feel free to drop a PM if its better, but I am curious how you like the Daz. Cheers, Wess
  2. Wess

    Rushour on its roof.

    I am with @PIL007 - no way I would do that and sounds like a good way to lose fingers and hands. The other thing that I don't think folks that don't sail multis don't recognize is that the reality is that at times there are going to be sheets cleated in some way shape or form.  Multis don't...
  3. Wess

    Rushour on its roof.

    Nice boat and sorry to hear of the capsize. Thanks for posting... alas it brings out the posers and punters.  Spent lots of time in large offshore cats cruising and now racing and playing in an F27. Curious if you know... given a 7 ton boat, known righting moment and sail area of the jib...

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