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    The Dick pics thread

    Richard Vernon "Show Dick some respect!"  -John Bender
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    Karma claims Rhino poacher.

    Sounds like you'd need to hire Walter E. Kurtz as your guide on your safari adventure!!  Taken from his safari diary: "I remember when I was on a safari. Seems a thousand centuries ago. Some poachers went into an area to find some animals. They left the area after they'd found and killed some...
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    NETFLIX ??

    "The Fall" was excellent and pretty short (3 season, if memory serves).  Gillian Anderson in a murder mystery.  First episode and a half are a little slow but buckle up after that.
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    lucky number

    "Ohhh, Terry's gonna be pissed at me now!"
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    Hockey chick

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    What is your favorite South Park?

    I think the episode was called "Clubhouses." It featured Fat Abbott. Hilarious!
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    Woman Impaled by Beach Umbrella

    She got the point, to be sure.
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    first music purchased with your OWN money

    KISS - Destroyer
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    "National Cleavage Day"

    Sol, your signature just had me snort my soda. Thanks for the afternoon cackle! "12 schnitzengruben is my limit, baby...."
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    NHL 2015-2016

    That ain't gonna happen. I'd love to see Guy Boucher take over. It's pretty clear that "the kids" (Granlund, Nino etc) have NOT panned out. Time to shake up the whole team, IMO.
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    Sea mawnstah outside of Boston

    "We've got a fucking wheel here, bro" :lol:
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    A curious hobby

    Only in the springtime. Followed by luge lessons.
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    absolute class act in pro hockey

    Fucking wife beater.... Buh-bye!! Waaaay cool move by PK!
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    iPhone upgrade

    I went from the 4 to the 6 and have really enjoyed the move. I miss the bullet-proof feel that the 4 had but the larger screen, upgraded camera and 4g capabilities have won me over to the 6. Have not tried the apple pay yet, though a trip to Europe may prompt me to give it a go.
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    State Fair Food

    Some tasty looking additions!!! I always look forward to the Gizmo up on machinery hill, the DF pickles and the DF snicker.
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    2014-15 NHL Season

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    Marketing and Advertising

    ^ Magic! Thanks for the laugh!
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    2014-15 NHL Season

    Thanks for the afternoon giggle!
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    2014-15 NHL Season

    Babcock to Toronto for $6.25m per year for 8 years.

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