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    M30 Worlds

    That is a very uneducated thought I hope your not making a living gambling.
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    Dissin the bro's kite....

    That Spin is a it from a Hunter ?
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    mumm 36

    What are you smoking ?? The Mumm is the fastest 36 footer upwind for the $$.....what cryptic message does this mean: "don't expect the blow any speed records upwind." The boat is very underpowered downwind with it's postage stamp Frac Spin in it's OD configuration and will not sail to it's 45...
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    POD II The She Devil........

    Slam piece is two words not one.
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    POD II The She Devil........

    Your an idiot
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    M 30 Worlds

    If your so intrested in mumm class promotion then why are you going to Key West on a Melges 32?
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    M 30 Worlds

    You might be shopping for a Mumm 30 but not for Key West. Aren't you sailing on a Melges 32??
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    Any Melges 32s for sale?

    Actually the Melges 24 I would say is a better bang for the buck. 4 people vs 8 much easier to campaign $$ vs 24 all around.
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    Any Melges 32s for sale?

    123 is for sale from Connecticut. The price is to high, boat needs new sails to race OD. The boat is very lightly used only did one OD race ever.
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    espo is a dick

    Espo, What are you talking about you don't even own the J-29 that you race on your father does and the big guy foots the bill. Stop talking shit with your old out dated J-29
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    Mumm 30 Meeting

    The new name for the Mumm 30 is going to be Farr 30. Jeff Stagg stated this and he will continue on moving foward.
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    Mumm 30 Meeting

    Keep peacefrog away from the Mumm 30 class and it will survive
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    Mumm 30 Worlds

    Maybe you should hold onto one instead of fucking people over....
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    Mumm 30 Worlds

    2 quality builders ready to build new Mumm 30s. Contact – Stagg Yachts - Tel: (410) 268-1001 [email protected] email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it The Mumm 30 Class offers its Owners: Highest level of local, national and international...
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    Huster gets hit

    The guy in the red pants is CJ from North, man between espo,Cj and Neil thats a lot of blubber in the cockpit
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    Weekend off from sailing

    Espo, don't embarrass yourself anymore then you already have.You have trouble walking never mind mountain Biking.
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    ID 35

    Just don't buy anything from JSMIN
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    Dobroth 43

    Maxluff, Just curious why you didn't give Love Letter(Hendo 30) more then a season or the Mumm 30 for that matter to switch to the Debroth?
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    2006 J 29 NA's Oxford, Maryland

    John don't embarrass yourself or your nationality anymore then you already have. I'm sure your father would not agree. Try to have some class instead of being such a low life. What the hell are you doing associating with kevlar edge don't you know by now now that he is nothing but a pot smoken...

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