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    inside game, back then

    Must be a J-Boat!
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    Whitebread 2014

    More wind last year, and the waves were bigger in gardiner's bay. Still a great race, and luckily it was warm.
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    Block Island Race Week House Available

    Due to conditions beyond our control, we're not going to be making it to Block Island Race Week this year. We do however have a house rented, and are willing to lease it back to anyone interested. We're willing to negotiate on the price. The following is a description: This Agreement w ill...
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    BIRW Rental House

    Due to crewmembers starting families, opportunities to teach sailing in the caribean, and finally Obama's new economy, we won't be attending Block Island Race Week this year. We have both a rental house available, and a ferry reservation for a car available. We're not looking to make money...
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    How many classes know where Hull #1 is

    LS-10 hull # 1 - "Lunatic Fringe" is sailing in Eastern Long Island. Just competed in the Whitebread this past Saturday.
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    Whitebread XVII Video

    Great video - espesciallyl the shots of "Fringe" Rob
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    Whitebread PBSA

    You guys are non-believers!!!!!!!!!!
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    Whitebread PBSA

    It's a great harbor, but boats throw crap in it, roads empty into it, and fish crap in it - the beer tastes the same.
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    Whitebread PBSA

    I've tried Greenport Harbor beer - it tastes like Greenport Harbor. What's with all the whiners - don't like the chicken, Budweiser? What are you a communist also???????
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    Whitebread PBSA

    The chicken is a local favorite, cooked every year by the local fire dept. All must love the chicken...................
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    Whitebread PBSA

    Local Knowledge..............
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    Whitebread PBSA

    Perfect race day - only lost one guy overboard, and shredded one spinnaker, but still won our class. Great party as usual - still foggy on the afterparty.
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    Whitebread PBSA

    It's supposed to be blowing again this Sat, and the start could be a downwind start - sounds fun.....
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    Brooklyn Ocean Challenge Cup

    It was a pretty good video - especially when the bowman made his hasty retreat........
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    Whitebread PBSA

    Tom, You screwed up.............. We'll miss you at the party.
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    Brooklyn Ocean Challenge Cup

    Was it only me, or did the Olson 30 have it's running lights mounted on the stern?
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    Brooklyn Ocean Challenge Cup

    Sounds like another fast race this year - no upwind beating. Since I was on the rail last year going home upwind, I'm not going to miss that. Go Fringe......
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    Surveyor Anarchy

    Give Andy McGowan a Call : 631-848-5020 He's a local Long Island guy.
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    Are some States reviving a Luxury Tax

    Keep voting for those DEMOCRATS - and this is what you'll get.

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