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    24 ft Bufflehead sloop. Who built them?

    A pic is exactly what I'm looking for. I sang to Google to hell with the ducks and what the f***, I'm looking for a pic of a Bufflehead! P.S. Anyone else who's listening...
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    24 ft Bufflehead sloop. Who built them?

    Information wanted.  Does anyone know who built the 24 ft Bufflehead sloop?  I suspect a New England builder, very few made.  Fibreglass hull, relatively low freeboard, beautiful sheer, maybe a 1970's build?  Nothing comes up on Google except 27,000 pages about Bufflehead Ducks. Thanks for any...
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    Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Shore-based support by Reid Stowe.
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    Ramming Speed! Tall Ship Docking Adventures

    Wow.  That broad from Pawtucket on the motorboat; now that's a class act!
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    Ramming Speed! Tall Ship Docking Adventures

    That was her response to getting yelled at by her incompetent husband who has been screaming at her all summer to tie the stupid rope like I told you a hundred times before.
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    NBC to air AC

    The only way I'll watch it is if John Madden does the play-by-play. ("Wow! Look at that starboard! BOOM! BANG! Now THAT'S the way you hit the offense!")
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    New Fender Design?

    Hey you scratched my anchor!
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    Speaking of Piracy....

    I wouldn't go near a tub-toy commanded by that nitwit Watson. He's a damn menace to everyone on board and all those around him. It's a wonder no one has been killed because of his actions.
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    Legally blind sailior pulled off boat by USCG

    The U.S. Coast Guard should be ashamed of themselves. Not just in this instance but in everything they do. They are incompetent boobs. If you look just a little below the surface at their regulations and policies and history, you will see that they are nothing but an arm of corporate industry...
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    Making a lead keel

    The water glass on a plywood mold (external framing) is pretty quick and easy if the shapes are not too complicated. If you need lead, the weights used to balance auto tires have the proper amount of antimony/lead mix to make the lead stronger. I got two barrels (200 pounds each) of wheel...
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    Your AIS reprogrammed by USCG

    Sorry about the bad link. It was a "Cut and paste" and I guess it got cut. To get to the Coast Guard announcement, go to which will direct you to a Coast Guard page. Look for "Safety Alert" then look for "Caution to AIS users"
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    Your AIS reprogrammed by USCG

    If you use AIS between Connecticut and North Carolina, it may have been reprogrammed by the Coast Guard. Oopsie!
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    Coast Guard Overstepping Their Authority

    After the freighter Cosco Busan struck the bridge in San Fran last year with the resulting major oil spill, the commanding officer (a full captain) of the district was relieved of command for being a bumbling catatonic fool and not ordering an immediate appropriate response. (Well, what do you...