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    Dead Guy Sailing-sailing with cancer

    Years ago, my father was diagnosed with throat cancer, so he spent the entire summer sailing almost everyday of the summer with my mom. Luckily the cancer didn't kill him, but he did sell the boat after his surgery. It's been 20 years since he should have died, and he still talks about that...
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    Small Yacht Club Crane to Launch Flying Scots, etc

    Can anyone recommend brands I should look at. Ours was destroyed in Sandy and we need a replacement. Thanks.
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    Krys MOD 70s

    Sweet MOD70 leaving NY Harbor. Have a safe fast trip to France.
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    the Story from Low Speed Chase

    Thanks for the details. I'm going to share with my kids tonight.
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    some jerk stole my Inter 20

    Hope you find it. Had some jokers steal my Hobie years ago. 4 chained cinder blocks buried in the sand and locked to the dolphin striker did the trick. Just don't leave the keys at home like I did a few times.
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    Not to pee?

    Send the new thongs to the marine police (the black one will go better with their uniforms).

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