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    Weather forecast, we don't need no steeking weather forcast..

    Update: Boat gone as of this morning. Not sure if she was hauled off the beach, or drifted away to other scenic vistas... I was out most of the day yesterday. Hasta la vista wayward little boat! May your owners have insurance, and a really good gel coat guy. -Q-
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    Weather forecast, we don't need no steeking weather forcast..

    This thing is sitting, literally, about 300 feet west of my back yard. I walked down there the day before yesterday after getting home from sailing from New London to Greenport aboard Settler in Off Soundings, and checked her out. First, the boat is fine. Perfect. As in, "get your buddy with...
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    when do you call off racing?

    As a Race Officer and racer, I call it off when I decide that I, with 25 years of racing experience, think that I could just not race in the prevailing conditions. Tough conditions, not my problem... go sail. Impossible conditions, well then what the hell are we out here for. When racing...
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    Weather by Fax.

    I've used SeaTTY and JVComm while offshore. You'll receive the images, but honestly, now there are better options available for comparable cost. WeFax images tend to be large scale, somewhat grainy, and not as useful as you think unless you are planning to be offshore for a week or so. Do you...
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    NEB vs. Canada

    Tommy... Tommy... Tommy... It'll be okay. The Club Swan collision season is starting soon anyways... That said, I'm not sure what's more entertaining... the fact that we're arguing about Rhode Island, Canada, or both in the same sentence. -- Q
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    Having used AIS going up and down the east coast a few times, and otherwise offshore, my main concern is that while it does add something to collision avoidance, it is unreliable. Some vessels show up 20 miles out, some show up 5 miles out. Also, besides for what the regs require, some vessels...
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    Whitebread PBSA

    Heretic! -- Q
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    Whitebread PBSA

    Well, when you're swimming around at the starting line with your salopettes and sneakers on, looking out for other boats to run you over while your own boat sails into a big U-turn, and mere moments before you were warm, dry, and standing on the deck, trust me... it sure feels cold! -- Q
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    Whitebread PBSA

    Yeah, it was a great morning for a swim. The water was nice and... cold. :blink: -- Q
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    Block Izzle

    In -- Q
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    GPS network close to breakdown

    Actually, they go in the handle! They run the little LED light that illuminates the arc. Nah, really, it's kinda cool. I mean, when you actually do it, and it gives you a position somewhere near where you are, it's always like, wow, there is some kind of order to the universe! -- Q
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    GPS network close to breakdown

    Although I think the story is crap, I'll just break out my C&P sextant, a copy of the Almanac, and my S-Tables by Pepparday, and be just fine. It might actually make all this offshore sailing interesting again... In the pre-GPS days, limited mental capacity kept most of the morons close to...
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    5 Low Flying Helicopters 11PM

    :blink: ??? :blink: It's the south shore of Long Island... they run practice out of Westhampton Beach ANG station all the time. Also, I wouldn't read too much into not being able to see lights on one. He could have had his IRs on, who knows. Anyway, we love the guys at the 106th Rescue...
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    Game over, man!

    Q's recommended solution to the piracy problem, ironically enough... Q Ships. -- Q
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    Olson 30 for Sale on E-Bay

    A link, for the lazy. -- Q
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    All I know is that when I was in Navy ROTC, all the enlisted guys peed together under supervision of a Chief, but we officer candidates could pee in private, unattended. Do we still get that privilege? -- Q
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    Sail drive versus prop and shaft.

    NYYC Swan 42s use Saildrive. In addition to any possible benefits on the drag issue, Saildrives eliminate any issues with the shaft, shaft alignment, shaft vibration, strut, stuffing box, cutlass bearing, and stern tube. Plus the flow from the prop is straight back, not at any downward angle...
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    Brooklyn Ocean Challenge Cup

    An absolutely spectacular race. One of the best, most scenic starts ever, and the fastest run to Block and back that we've done. Great race management too. What more can you possibly ask for? Results attached. -- Q BOCC2008Results.pdf
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    Battle Flags

    BLENDER PARTY !!! -- Q (That's me on the right.)
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    AYC Fall Series

    The forecast calls for 2 kegs of foamy beer on the lawn... same as every year. -- Q

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