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    J/70 or J/80 Reaching Spinnakers Wanted

    ISP of 30 means a Melges 24 kite works better than a Melges 20. Can’t wait to go fast. Short season up here in VT. You know how the boys are when they get that syrup in them
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    J/70 or J/80 Reaching Spinnakers Wanted

    Looking for an A1, A3, or Code Zero shaped kite for either a J/70 or J/80. I recognize the J/70 class uses an all purpose kite but perhaps there are some unique ones out there. Used only. Doesn't need to be in *great* condition, needs to be serviceable. Doing a turbo job on a similarly sized...
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    coach of the year

    Did you really catch Ken Read coming out of a student’s dorm one morning? 
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    BLock Island Race- How to kill it..

    Sounds like you are well place to comment on the boat that ran into a bell buoy in the middle of a fairway....
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    BLock Island Race- How to kill it..

    With the year that sailing has had in regards to safety, it might be considered to be in poor taste to bemoan raising safety standards and I invite you to tell the widow of John Fisher that the sport is "basically as safe as golf." It's in doubly poor taste when the your inability to race was...
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    Schock 35 sailplan line drawing please

    Well, which is it? A sail plan or a line drawing? You could email someone at Schock, like Sascha, rather than asking for something free here but designers tend to like being compensated for using their IP.
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    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    But...why was he naked...?
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    VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    As Kevin Spacey has shown us, this might not be the best course of action
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    VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    Why? Your premise is flawed because the boats are One Design. Even if you believe Dongfeng has a 1% speed advantage (which, no, they don't, otherwise they'd be 30-40 miles ahead of the fleet right now) you would see no functional difference by modeling at the .05% level which is roughly the...
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    Dubarry Ultimate Boots Beware !

    Purchased mine in the spring of 2010 and have put them through hard hard use since then. It became official this october: I pulled my right foot out and the sock was soaking wet - while the left side foot was bone dry. Guess they're starting to go. I went around with Dubarry this spring trying...
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    Eds SC-33 Anarchy 3

    Someone should tell those rocks not to move. Been a bad year for it, huh? 
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    Ubi Maior Jib Furler

    So, if I'm seeing this right, the furler is imparting the furling torsion onto the luff of the sail? Thoughts on how this will affect sail shape with long term usage? 
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    US Watercraft/Waterline in receivership?

    Careful, someone got a post deleted and their account threatened for inferring such a thing last time this topic came up. 
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    J/133 or Bene First 45

    133 is an awesome boat for everything you've put down as criteria. 
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    Eds SC-33 Anarchy 3

    That's a big word for you, was it one of your vocabulary words of the week in high school english? 
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    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    What was the pile up at the boat all about at the second GR?
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    tp 52 crop 2018

    Onda? quantum was usually longitud cero
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    Clipper Does a Vestas

    TIA Bru
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    Gitana Maxi 17

    Iirc. The current Sodebo was put together with pieces of Geronimo, correct? 
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    Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Facebook link, not sure where else it is posted: