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    Penultimate Penalty Box - Day Five

    Same with me. Help.
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    USSAILING Champions of Champions regatta

    It is cool that he's mixing it up, but its not new for an Opti champ to do well at the CofC. For those that follow this event, you might remember Matthew Wefer finishing 3rd overall (!!!) in Flying Scots a few years back representing the Opti class.
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    USSAILING Champions of Champions regatta

    Given the list below, the crew factor will be huge. Moriarty, Starck, Fowler, Wake, Hunt, Speery, etc. all will help their respective teams. This will be a good one to see how it all plays out. If the wind is light, Terhune, Linton and Fisher are going to be dangerous. Breezy, watch out for...
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    Lake Erie Anarchy

    Any results from this weekends' festivities? Green Island? Feeder races?
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    Beneteau 36.7 North American Championship

    Not bad picks, got 4 of the top 6: 1) Zingara 2) First Today 3) Critical (missed them) 4) Natalie J 5) Type A (missed them too) 6) Twins 9) Blackbird
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    Beneteau 36.7 North American Championship

    1) Natalie J (good professionals in Wally & Bora) 2) Twins (Chris is pro'ly the best driver in the group w/Skip calling tactics) 3) First Today (Mark Sertl is good) 4) BlackBird (Doug can drive & Peter has a good program) 5) Zingara (only if Geoff Moore is with them) Dark Horse -...
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    Sail Making in the US

    I just read about the guys at Dieball in Toledo. Looks like they are building domestically.
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    Quantum Inland?

    Great news! These guys are great and I wish them the best.
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    Heating Up at Key West

    Word! Vincenzo telling it like it is. Great interview.
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    Dumptruck and Shitbox

    One boss was overheard saying, " can I go to Key West after I just let go 1/2 my staff...".
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    Dumptruck and Shitbox

    Kick ass...
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    KWRW 2009

    Very cool to hear when little boat folks step it up. Looks like they are paying their dues.
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    Back In The Saddle - In 30 Knots!

    I don't know the class rules, but many one designs have sail acquisition limits. Maybe the F40 does too? Bum
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    Race Week Begins

    I like the glass half full! Even though it might be frozen solid!
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    2009 J 24 Midwinters

    I've been around and the event has been pretty tame. Mostly light/shifty winds. No interesting social stories that I've heard. After visiting with some friends last evening, on the water there's only been one Tim Healy is dominating. He's up by 29 points after 6 races, though if...
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    USSailing Yachtsman/woman of the year

    Start engraving the trophy!
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    Lake Erie Anarchy

    Interesting dialog nuts about how PHRF-LE rates boats, both one-offs vs. production boats. I wouldn't want to have to make that call either with a one-off, but as you suggest, the Production side should be easier. I'm not sure when it was, possibly a few years ago, but do you recall the...
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    Monroe mand drowns while racing his sail boat on Lake Erie?

    Very sad news indeed. I heard about this post and wanted to add my thoughts and prayers to his family and friends. Bruce was a fine person.
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    I think 4 hours won!
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    Skip Dieball leaves North

    Looks like a good move for Quantum.