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    Need some help

    Just a little bump.
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    Need some help

    Just bought an Evelyn 32 hull (listed here on Anarchy) and beginning the process of restoring. Doesn't have a rig. Found a MH rig in Pensacola Fl and need to get it north, to New Jersey or somewhere nearby, between now and the middle of July. Any ideas or suggestions? Anyone coming north...
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    Bump of a really old post. In addition to the one in the SA Classifieds, does anybody know of any other J33s out there for sale? Thanks.
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    BIRW 2008

    I agree that it does usually conflict with some part of school schedules, this year was only 2 days, so not as bad, and it also depends on snow days, etc... My point was that they could do it the later week when the Bermuda race is. In 03, the last time July 4th was a Friday, it was held the...
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    BIRW 2008

    Just noticed that the organizers for the 2008 Block Island Race Week are planning for the 15th to the 20th, the week before the Bermuda Race and as early as it's ever been. Does anyone know why they decided to go so early? Are they trying to accomodate people who want to do both? The next...
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    Block Island Race Week

    We were in their class. The entire crew was comprised of what appeared to be High School boys and girls, none of which could have weighed more than 110lbs soaking wet.
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    block island race week

    Does anyone know who else was taking arieal photos on Thursday. There was a second Helicopter that I don't think was boatpix. Just trying to track down a photo. Thanks.
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    Block Island Race Week

    More info please, as we will be sailing in their class?
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    Looking at the scratch sheets for BIRW, which raise a few questions. The PHRF lists are all mixed up, so I assume the splits are just an arbitrary grouping at this point, but under the IRC boats a noticed a bunch of usual attendees missing. Was wondering where the bigger IRC boats like Titan...
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    espo is a dick

    What boat was Espo on in the J105 class? Didn't he crew on a Melges 24 at KWRW the year before? How did that fair?
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    This may have been posted somewhere already, but I just saw it today. Do you think it is real or created?
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    BIRW 2006

    Only 50 boats registered with a week to go. either gonna be three or four little phrf classes or two phrf classes with a huge spread of ratings.
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    The Cone of Silence registered for the Chi Mac

    All the info you need is at
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    BIRW 2006

    The lack of replies is answer enough. Not going to be many boats.
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    BIRW 2006

    I actually meant other than the 105s and the 109s. The 105s and 109s each have race week as a yearly class event so they were a given. Right now they make up 75% of the current entries. I was wondering more about the IRC and PHRF entries as that is where we will be racing.
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    BIRW 2006

    Just wondering who, if anyone is going to Block Island Race Week this year, (other than the J105s) in light of the many Bermuda Race entries. The website is still a combination of the 2004 entry list and this year's entry list. It makes it hard to tell who is going this year. Just curious.

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