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    Anchorages in St. Johns?

    Is there anywhere to stay on the hook for a live aboard near Cruz Bay?  I think the state park line passes through the channel prohibiting this north of the channel.
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    Why do foiling cats have daggerboard trunks?

    no part of the foil can exceed maximum beam, even during the process of being raised or lowered. The measurer had a basket full of DNA board tips (including mine) that poked out beyond the outside hull plan just as they exited the hull on their way down. You would never sail this way, and...
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    Australian A Class Nationals

    We've heard from those supporting boomless. Is there anyone out there who differs in their opinion and feels that a boom is advantageous? Here in the states, Randy Smyth, who has always been a fan of boomless whenever possible and has sailed in years prior on an A without a boom (but with a...
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    Australian A Class Nationals

    Hoping that some of the dust will settle. The speed of development is exciting, but frustrating for the "weekend warrior". Waiting for some resolution over the boom vs boomless rigs in particular. After talking to several of the parties, they each seem to be equally passionate about their...
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    Foiling A Class - sharing settings and technique.

    Still new to the foiling as well but the learning curve is steep and it's hard to erase nearly 40+ years of muscle memory when it comes to sailing cats! I'm sailing the DNA w/Z's. Wave state and direction also seem to be consideration when conditions are not ideal for foiling either on the...
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    Exploder A-Cat Container Lands in Florida

    Could someone snap and post some pics of the Exploders as you guys set them up?
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    Best Skiff / Dinghy Suit ?

    I've got a Musto 2 part skiff suit. It's made up of a shorty 2/3 wet suit and a separate top with Neopreme sleeves and stretchy body. I've sailed heavily with it for 17 yrs. Its been sewn up a many times. My wife has bought me a couple of replacements over the years but I give them away and...
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    A Class Fail? The Future of the A's

    A somewhat dissenting opinion..... I have raced beach cats of all forms and sizes for 38 years and A-cats exclusively for the past 12. I have owned 9 A-cats. Ten if you count the one that I recently cut down for my young son. I travel extensively up and down the east coast of the US, up to...
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    new stuff in the a-class

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    Hydroturf nonskid

    Looking for alternatives to adhesive nonskid strips w/out spraying nonskid. I've seen a few boats with Hydroturf. Does anyone know how much water it absorbs?
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    2013 A-cat NAs?

    Way to go Woody! Looked good sitting on that Nikita. Ben's I suppose?
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    caption contest

    OK guys, stop fooling around and get the smart phone out of the bag and check I could have swore today was the first day of racing!
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    Do not speak of things you know little about from across an ocean. "WFO" had NOTHING to do with the failure of the 18HT as a Worrell boat. In fact, the boat had little to do with the failure. It was a failure of management due to grossly favorable projections of participation and arguable...
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    New Nacra 3.5m (11ft) mini infusion

    Anyone know if the boat will be imported into the US? If so, when and for how much $. What would be the optimum weight range? The 30yr old H14 I just bought my son is frustratingly unrefined!
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    DNA's arrive in the US

    I'm glad someone else thought that was freaking nuts! Clearing weeds with your foot with straights boards was enough of an acrobatic feat. With curved boards, while wire running in a breeze, it would be short lived insanity!
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    DNA's arrive in the US

    I hope the report of his first impression after sailing the A is posted. If history or experience are any indication it will be a tale of addiction at first sail!
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    Shit Bowguys say

    "It's f**king raining spin poles up here!" John Moore, KW race week after coming-to with a bleeding lump on his head.
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    DNA's arrive in the US

    With my present mainsheet system, I two-block up wind at 6* rake. I can gain slightly more room going to all 30mm blocks, after that I would have to raise the mast at its base.
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    DNA's arrive in the US

    One interesting effect found in boats with good volume in the back is that you can rake the mast back a lot further. This is the "X factor" that really transforms performance. I haven't yet got my head fully round why it works, but when I tried as much rake as I have now on the boat before...
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    A's and Rule 16

    It would seem that our class's recent discussion re Rule 16 is coming none too soon? Check the SA home page and scroll down to "Heading Up". I remember there were several of our class at our recent class meeting that declared: "That will never be practical on a A. It would be too large or...