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    caption contest

    I don't think there's an APP for this!
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    caption contest

    So this is what it takes to make the cover of the Dr. Crash calender!
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    where is it?

    Erie Basin Marina-Buffalo, NY 5 spreader twin wheel open transom, very large for this neck of the woods, it's getting lots of drive by's. Way cool!
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    Racer Cruiser - Choice or Compromise?

    Beneteau 36.7 Think resale, they don't last long on the used market for a reason. Best of both worlds. Strong one-design on the GL Quick
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    Doyle mainsail does not fit

    I know Nori, Al and Louis well. They are all honest gentleman with no intent to cheat or hurt anyone intentionally. They all work hard in our community to promote sailing, sailboat racing and fair play on and off the race course. But, I must say, shame on you Nori for airing the dirty laundry...
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    What Is It?

    I had a Platu 25, this is the next generation----Farr 25 OD but at 67K not sure????
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    Social Distortion

    I agree With Traci, get the kids and thier friends involved. They are the future. Also agree with Tommys that there are way too many organizations to join and even they can't agree on handicaps. Peter Huston always brings up excellent points. I think the racing needs to be closer to shore...
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    Caption Contest

    Wait till those pirates see our big gun! Go ahead, make my day!
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    The 13.8

    $179,900.00 USD It depends on who makes the carbon mast. Quick
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    Beneteau 10R holding tank

    I've been racing the company demo all summer. We've pump the holding tank 3X, no problem. No leaks, no smell, no problem. The hatch handles do get snagged but, we put sliced tennis balls on them. The towel bar serves well as a spinnaker bag tie down so it doesn't go out the hatch with the...
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    Youngstown Level Regatta Who Going?

    No tents are being allowed south of the YYC in the new public park area. All moorings are taken at this time. The raft ups are still the best party anyway. Tent permits as the norm at the top of the hill. We'll be there on the RCR New Benteau 10R arriving late Thursday. Quick
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    Youngstown Level Regatta Who Going?

    Next weekend (July 25-26) is the annual YYC Youngstown Level Regatta. Always a party and good hot sailing. Who's showing up this year? Quick
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    Shark 24

    try this:
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    speaking of boat shows

    Coming on Tuesday with the wife to check it out. Quick
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    Crosbow for Sale

    Where is Freewind? Why is it for sale? Quick
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    Looking for 1D35 or Mumm 36

    As of today, Plow Horse is under Contract, Quick
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    Best moment of the B 36.7 N.A's?

    Sto-Lat, your heart on the GPS tracker was a highlight. Your a class guy and we at the RCR yard enjoyed working with you. Hope to see you again, Quick
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    Best moment of the B 36.7 N.A's?

    Yes, the racing was awesome, everyday brought something different from our Lake Erie. The RC and support craft (that we at BHSC take for granted sometimes) were exceptional. And did we metion the FOOD! It's a good thing we weighed in before the racing started as the quantity and quality every...
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    DOA - Beneteau 10R

    Of course I'm a dealer! That's why it pisses me of about unfounded RUMORS. The 36.7 is an outstanding boat we all know it by the way the fleets have grown and success it has had. The 10R is the next generation. As the fleet ages newer fast, better designed boats come along. the biggest issue...
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    DOA - Beneteau 10R

    What happens when they stop making the 36.7? Both are fun, isn't that why we sail? Quick