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  1. WillyT123

    Foils in water don't create lift?

    I studied aero in school but still have a hard time reconciling variable pressure with constant density. It just doesn't make sense intuitively. An understandable misunderstanding in my book.
  2. WillyT123

    Cool As Shit Little Known One Designs

    What are those sportboat-lookin box rule boats they sail on lakes and rivers in Germany? I think they're usually wooden construction but the designs are modern. Anybody got any clue what I'm talking about?
  3. WillyT123

    Help me rename my boat (or just tune in to mock my poor taste)

    My granddad had a red boat called Wild Cherry. If I had a fast red boat, I'd call it Hot Rod. What about Big Red?
  4. WillyT123

    Institute for Nautical Folly

    Some argue that their commercial success or classification as a work boat disqualifies them from consideration. Personally I disagree with this preoccupation with definitions and rules. Folly is folly, you know it when you see it, and these operators are clearly masters of the form.
  5. WillyT123

    Don't give unexperienced kids expensive boats

    As an unexperienced kid, I must vehemently disagree with your contention. Let the kids have the boat they'll have more fun with it than you would ya grouchy old fuck.
  6. WillyT123

    Sailing shoes that don't suck?

    Anyone ever experimented with drilling small drainage holes in the soles of some regular tennis shoes to make some sailing shoes? A thought I've been entertaining for a while but never got around to. I've been using an old pair of nike free's as sailing/coaching shoes for a while and they've...
  7. WillyT123

    Southeast US dinghy camping

    Lets stick with south of the mason-dixon and east of the mississippi
  8. WillyT123

    Southeast US dinghy camping

    Southeast US dinghy camping
  9. WillyT123

    Southeast US dinghy camping

    Can you camp on the islands there without worrying if someone's going to show up and give you a hard time? This is another one of my concerns. Idk where its kosher to camp in the chesapeake/carolinas, other than Lookout/shackleford banks. I've got my eye on lake Jocassee in South Carolina, or...
  10. WillyT123

    spreader ends

    What kind of wax? Bees? Candle? Automotive?
  11. WillyT123

    Paint technique

    Alexseal supposedly doesn't require tipping. Keep in mind this guy accepted a deal with Alexseal at some point after this video was made. 
  12. WillyT123

    Southeast US dinghy camping

    A recent turn of events has rendered me a gentleman of leisure for the time being. I'm thinking about taking a camping trip on my laser. Certainly not the ideal boat for a camping trip, but its the one I've got. I'm envisioning a 3-5 day trip where I can explore a little bit and sail to a...
  13. WillyT123

    Murphy's 5 Laws of Topcoat

    My dad and I once spent two days wet sanding and polishing my opti, regatta that weekend. Pulling my boat up a hill after the first day of racing, it slides off the dolly and onto the gravel path. I was inconsolable for a time afterwards.
  14. WillyT123

    Sugguestions on improving sailboat performance

    Cool story, found some pics of the boat
  15. WillyT123

    Coolboats to admire

    If anyone ever spots a Stiletto 27 or 30 for sale, PLEASE put it in the not-mocking thread. Better yet, just DM it to me
  16. WillyT123

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Lol, how much and what does it weigh?
  17. WillyT123

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Were you the guy trying to unload an old electron microscope on here a few months ago?
  18. WillyT123

    Ok shoot, what is wrong with this boat?

    Why don't we talk about that JPK instead of the silly lake boat? Can anyone find a good picture of the cockpit layout?
  19. WillyT123

    old style mainsheet travellers

    Yeah I would say 3d print with a UV-stable filament
  20. WillyT123

    How I bought my boat

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