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    Melges 15

    I know Chris Kennedy does. Not sure about others but I think there are a few. They have been in need of boat builders that will stick around, seems like it's been tough keeping the entry level/lower positions filled to keep up with demand.
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    Melges 15

    Landing in on shore breeze, come in at a45 degree angle to the shore with the rudder unlocked and board halfway up. When close to touching, head up, pull the board completely out(so it doesn't catch on the boom) and kick the rudder up. Use the wind to parallel park the boat and step off like...
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    52nd Thrash to the Onion Patch

    Final count will be 24
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    52nd Thrash to the Onion Patch

    She is the old Windquest- Funny you should mention those two boats in the same sentence, since I was on Simon Says in 2016 when we didn't go to Bermuda, and now I'm on OC86 this time...
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    52nd Thrash to the Onion Patch

    Should be fun to see how the two Volvo 70's match up against the maxi 72 in open water. And don't underestimate Warrior One.  Watching them plane away from boats 30' longer on a close reach during the Block Island race was eye opening. 
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    World Sailor Classification Group 1/ Group 3

    Thank you Mr Shadow! Worked out perfectly. Now if you can just get our account sorted out so she's not a Cat 3 just because she works for a sailing school and has sailed on Far 40's. Last name rhymes with Looney. Think Mad Eye from Harry Potter. 
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    World Sailor Classification Group 1/ Group 3

    Thanks @[email protected] That sounds like exactly what happened to me and another one our crew.  Do you happen to appeal on the new website? Is there a good direct person to email?  Thanks. 
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    World Sailor Classification Group 1/ Group 3

    Does anyone know if World Sailing automatically classifies you as a Category 3 (pro) until they finish reviewing your application? I just applied and assigned Cat 3, even though I am an amateur answered all questions correctly.  How do I get this corrected? Website is showing review...
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    Farr X2 info?

    Lots of boats being built in China. HH catamarans comes to mind quickly, and I'm sure there are many more.  
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    Polka Dot Newport RI   Assume it's in town leading up to the Atlantic Cup. 
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    Melges 20 Winter Series Mar 4-6 - russians are gone

    Kites don't have #'s or country codes on them so that would be a trivial matter, just slap some new sticky back insignia on.  Our of curiosity I checked and Nika was registered under RUS for event 1 of the series, but did not compete. 
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    Melges 20 Winter Series Mar 4-6 - russians are gone

    I'm still seeing Nika on there as of right now.  Repping the great state of Monaco. 
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    gucci time

    Big Pimpin... 
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    Yeah I work in sails... I'm a sailsman

    Y'all are fixating on the salary, but overlooking the key piece of information: Not provided by employer" All that means is some algorithm at Indeed or LinkedIn jobs is pulling key terms from the job title and JD and assigning a number.  @Houseboy Go ahead and apply for the job, talk to the...
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    Dufus from the Front Page

    Came here to mention the same thing.  Either rubbing on the asym sheet, or the edge of the seat is going to be chafe city. 
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    Team American Magic

    How about you stick on some skinny poles or extensions to make the thing over 12M long....  Test away
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    Team American Magic

    It's official! AM back with NYYC
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    ILC Rumor Mill....

    @JulianB Can you clarify what nb1 is for the un-initiated? Thanks!
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    Hydrofoil Generation. A new sailing simulator/game

    How do you change camera angle?   Do you have plans to support a vr headset? 
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    Team NYYC

    Some ink for S&S in GQ: "With Polo Ralph Lauren as the official outfitter of this latest iteration, the 2021 team is setting a...

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